16 Cool Printed Jeans For 2019

16 Cool New Printed Jeans For Summer 2019

When the summer comes around, we start opting for more bold, bright, and fun choices in our clothing to go with the bright, fun, sunshiny days that grace us. I’ve noticed how much everyone breaks out their favourite prints, the neon shades, pastel tones, floral everything, in anticipation of the sun as it makes us feel cheerful inside, so with all of that in mind, I thought it would be fun to round up some of the coolest printed jeans that are on the scene right now for 2019!

Printed jeans were a huge, huge trend a few years ago and I used to live in them! I had everything from zebra and leopard to floral, paisley, and even full on scenic prints all over the jeans! One of my favourites were my Current/Elliott Stiletto Leopard though and you will be pleased to know that these iconic jeans are still around and available to buy! I also loved J Brand for making some of the coolest prints on the market at the time, as well as Hudson who did full city and seascape digital prints, which I thought were incredible the first time I saw them at the press day.

As time has moved on and things have progressed though, the prints have become a bit more modern and suitable for day to day wear. In these 16 options here, I’m noticing prints like paisley and tie-dye have took over and become a trend of their own, especially tie-dye, so you might want to look into that, whether it’s one of the denim shorts or jeans options, as it’s a thing! There’s also subtle zebra, snake, and leopard prints which are easy to wear as they’re muted and not too over the top, making them a perfect every day jean. One of the prints that is really trending big time though is stripes. Vertical stripes, in bolder and thicker designs are everywhere and that includes on denim!

I’ve seen some amazing pairs and I’ve included them in the look book below which allows you to buy them! Anyway, happy shopping for your new printed jeans! Just click the jeans you want while scrolling left and right in the look book below and you can purchase them!

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