REPLAY Hyperflex Jeans For Men For Spring 2016


REPLAY Hyperflex Super Stretchy Skinny Jeans For Men

The days of being restricted in your jeans, barely being able to squat down or walk up the stairs, are now over. As the trends keep changing and men’s jeans are getting skinnier, it means that materials have to step up their game and fabrications need to be created in order to make men’s jeans comfortable, breathable and wearable. Now that we have super skinny jeans for men, it’s only right that these jeans are super stretchy too! Diesel brought this to light with their Jogg Jeans and now we also have the Paige Denim Transcend Jeans, but what else can you wear? REPLAY Hyperflex Jeans of course!

You might have remembered us speaking about the REPLAY Hyperflex Jeans for both men and women last year and interviewing the brand when they launched, but they have become increasingly popular among the guys now and are being stocked all over! Just in time for Spring and the warmer weather, the innovative Hyperflex technology combines polyester, Lycra and cotton, but due to the amount of elasticity in these jeans, they will not lose their shape or stretch out. This allows you comfort and the freedom to move freely without the worry of being restrained by rigid denim. Much like these campaign photos show, you can dance, play sport and anything else you want to do in these jeans without any restrictions.

These REPLAY Hyperflex jeans have an authentic denim look regardless of the high elasticity in the fabric, so you don’t have to worry about them looking like sweat pants. They also have a worn effect on the knees and thighs to create an authentic looking wash, coupled with a slim tapered fit which is ideal for staying on trend and looking stylish during the Spring. Not only are these jeans super comfortable and hot, they are handmade and finished in Italy with a 3D crease finish for that ultimate look. Comfort is everything right now and it’s important to look stylish at the same time, so trade in your sweat pants and choose a denim version instead. You can check out Northern Threads to buy these jeans if you like them, which I have no doubt you will! Have any of you guys tried the REPLAY Hyperflex Jeans yet?



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