12 Short Skinny Denim Shorts For Men

Hot Trend! We’re loving short skinny denim shorts for men!

The summertime is here and guys, you no longer have to suffer! Most men still feel like they need to wear trousers, jeans or chinos in the warm weather because they’re afraid of shorts or class them as ‘too short’, but let me tell you that the shorter you go, the more it’s on trend! So many brands are bringing out short denim shorts for men, and we couldn’t be more excited as they’re skinny too! Nothing like a throwback to the 70’s when you’d see the baggy short shorts which all the guys used to wear, these are definitely wearable, and I think you’re going to love them!

If your a man that loves to wear women’s skinny jeans because you want that ultra tight skinny fit, I might recommend that you check out the Bermuda denim shorts trend for women that’s going on at the moment, purely because they are skinny and tight, so you’d get that fit that you crave, but they’re longer to knee length if you’re not in the market for something so revealing. However, for those of you men who are fed up of sweating and incinerating on such a hot day and find it incredibly unfair that women get to wear next to nothing and it’s acceptable, you don’t need to worry anymore.

So what am I talking about when I say short denim shorts for men? I’m talking about shorts that are shorter than knee length. Some high street brands have released pairs that sit above the knees, but they’re not short enough for those hot days and a lot are jumping on the mid thigh length. Perfect for showing off your leg day work, right? If you’re not used to wearing shorts yourself, it might take some getting used to as you feel exposed and it just takes time (can you believe Adam here never used to wear shorts? Now he’s rocking these Topman shorts!), but if you are a guy that lives in normal denim shorts and want to try something new, these are for you!

Coming in numerous different washes from black and grey to hues of blue, some adorned with distressing and details while others are plain, and a few featuring a looser fit compared to a tighter fit, there really is a pair here that’s suitable for everyone, and the best bit? They aren’t expensive! Since I know these wouldn’t become a classic in your wardrobe and you’re limited to wearing them at certain times of the year, I chose all of these denim shorts from ASOS so that they would have a much lower price point for you. All of the 12 pairs of skinny denim short shorts for men are below for you! Just click whichever pair(s) you like and you will be taken to the shopping page. I would love to know what you think of the trend?

P.S – The pair of denim shorts shown in the main image are from Boohoo Man, here.


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