TOPSHOP Moto Floral Applique Embroidered Denim Jacket Review

TOPSHOP Moto Floral Applique Embroidered Denim Jacket Review

This months denim review is on a high street brand – Topshop. They have been pushing their denim in big ways lately and their designs are always innovative as you can tell from the Topshop denim campaign that I shared with you a little while ago. I actually own their embroidered black skinny jeans (see here) but I wanted to review this Moto Floral Applique Embroidered Denim Jacket as I fell in love with it. I bought it last week after falling in love with it online, so when it came, I couldn’t have been more excited.

The Sizing: I usually take a UK 6 or 8 in Topshop for jackets and tops, and the UK 6 was sold out, so I took the 8. It runs very big as it’s oversized, but in actual fact, with the embroidery, I think the oversize fit is much more suited to the jacket in general. If you want it fitted, definitely size down, but if you like it with a bigger fit, then stay true to size. I just fold my sleeves up and wear it a bit slouchy for a casual fit. I usually never like anything oversize when it comes to jackets or coats because I have a larger chest and smaller shoulders which makes me look dumpy or larger than I am, but this is actually flattering with the fit.

The Cut: The cut of the jacket is quite boxy and square. It doesn’t cut in at the waist or have an ultra feminine fit to it, and it’s a longer jacket that hits just below the hip bones, which I’m all for as I’ve gotten quite fed up of the short jackets which don’t cover anything, especially if you’re conscious of muffin tops. I would say it has a masculine feel to it with the cut, and is reminiscent of the 90’s, but because of the embroidery, it’s definitely made feminine.

The Design/Details: Speaking of the applique embroidery, it’s both symmetrical on either side and features pink flowers, black flowers, and butterflies. It’s really well stitched and done, which makes the jacket really unique, but my negative point with it is that instead of stitching it around the pockets, they stitched the flowers straight over the pockets which means they are not usable. You can’t open the pockets or use them at all as they are sewn shut. It’s a bit of a design flaw in my opinion, as pockets should be usable, but my love of the jackets fit and the embroidery was enough to sway me to keep it. Just make sure you have pockets in your other clothes or you have a bag with you instead.

The Denim/Wash: I never expect too much from Topshop when it comes to washes as they’re not a premium denim brand and don’t have the ability to create hand made, authentic looking washes due to their lower price point, but I will say that this one is actually quite nice. It’s a mid, washed blue which complements the embroidery nicely and as blue denim goes, I quite like it. It’s on a 100% cotton denim, which is definitely easier to create nice washes on, so I’m quite pleased with this one in general and as it is rigid, the oversize fit means it’s easy to move around in without restriction.

Overall Opinion: My overall opinion of this Topshop Moto Floral Applique Embroidered Denim Jacket is a mixture of positive and negative. I love the oversize fit and the length of it, I like the embroidery, and I quite like the wash as well, but the fact that the embroidery is stitched all over the pockets making them unusable is a bad point for me. I really like to put my hands in my jacket pockets (especially if something fits looser) and I can’t. It’s not a deal breaker for me, but it’s not ideal either. If you never use your pockets or that wont bother you, I definitely recommend this jacket! The design of it is great and I like how it looks, especially if you love embroidered denim but can’t afford the Gucci embroidered denim prices. What do you think?

Buy this Denim Jacket online at for £65



    • Lorna
      March 31, 2017 / 9:54 pm

      It has, each one is so unique and different. I will say I am crushing on Gucci big time, but not the price tag, lol!

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