SIWY X LULU LABORATORIUM Collaboration At Art Basel


At the beginning of the month, SIWY announced a partnership with Lulu Laboratorium in Miami, Florida during Art Basel. We have a lot of the pictures of the pieces that were made, and they are incredible! So what was the collaboration?

Customized SIWY denim jackets were painted by Lulu Laboratorium Gallery artists and were then put on display. With its electro-eclectic aesthetic, the gallery is well-known for its exhibit and display of creative youthful talents, which is why Lulu Labortorium recruited artists to design and paint custom artwork on the back of SIWY’s limited edition collector’s denim jackets. These were then put on display during the Wynwood Stock series of events at Art Basel. The artists ranged from painters, to vinyl and graffiti artists, including Lola Blu, Skott Marsi, Domingo Zapata, Lobyn Hamilton, AP Collection, Jumping Bull, and more.

“I am beyond excited to be partnering with Elie Akiba and his gallery for this extraordinary crossover collaboration between art and fashion” says Jimmy Taverniti, the creative director of SIWY. “At SIWY, we are always looking to collaborate with visionaries and innovators that share our point of view. Lulu Laboratorium offers a pool of creative individuals and we can not wait to see what arts we come up with.”

“For this year’s theme of ‘Rock & Roll’, we are thrilled to have our artists create one-of-a-kind wearable art with Siwy. Siwy’s denim jacket is the perfect canvas for the artists to express their work and inject an item that has been a Rock & Roll staple with their modern interpretations.” says Elie Akiba.

The denim jackets were available for purchase during the exhibition, which closed on December 4th, so they have all been sold now. I think they are amazing though, the amount of detail and work that’s been put into them, especially with the paintings on the back, it would have been an honour to own one. You can check out the full collection in the gallery below, but what do you think of the denim jackets? Were any of you lucky enough to attend Art Basel and see them or purchase one?

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