Here’s Your New Denim Forum!


It was a crazy week last week, but I’m happy to finally give you your new forum! I spent the best part of last week working non stop getting it ready, and as I’ve never worked with a forum setup before (I’m only used to WordPress), it was extremely challenging and time consuming, but I’m happy with the end results! This will be your brand new denim forum, so you can sign up with your old username that you had on DenimBlog, or create a new one, but be sure to introduce yourself in the introduction thread so everyone knows who you are, and setup your avatar too as they are always recognisable.

Thank you to everyone who gave donations towards the forum, we received 6 in total from you and with some figuring things out, the extra money came from Shopbop/East Dane, which is now a sponsor of the forum, as you can see in the sidebar, so it all worked out. It’s a VBulletin forum, so it’s professional and easy to use. It allows everything you need in the form of imagery uploads, private messaging, different fonts and text toolbars etc. and as it’s VBulletin, it’s mostly similar to all the other forums that use it, so it’s familiar.

I’ve set up sections for you already, and already started out some threads including the WAYWT (what are you wearing today) threads and more, so all you need to do is signup and start posting. I’m sorry that we can’t have DenimBlog back, but after the owner sold it in May to a new owner, and the forum or site still isn’t brought back and it’s now almost Christmas, I can’t see it happening, so I hope we can replicate the forum here and make it just as good, if not better. Please let me know what other threads/sections you would like. The links are below:

Denim Forum | Register | Introduce Yourself | Rules Page


Plus, welcome to The Jeans Blog new layout as well! The blog hadn’t been updated since its launch in 2014, so it was due for a makeover and the sections are a lot easier to find now, as well as to differentiate between posts on the home page. There is a big tab for the forum on the right sidebar -> for you to access it, and there is a link in the main menu at the top of this blog ^ for you, but I recommend bookmarking it if you need to!

Other new features are buttons on the home page which showcase Celebs in Denim, Denim Reviews, and Jeans Advice, so those 3 popular sections are easy to find. Popular posts are featured just underneath and that gives you a list which changes regularly in case you missed older posts which are viewed a lot. Our Instagram feed is now placed in the footer. Posts on the home page are set out in a preview form, separated by lines, so you can easily find the latest content. You can also find a list of denim brands and celebrity names in the sidebar as well in a drop down box, as requested, for easy navigation! Our social media links are in the menu, which is permanently seen no matter where you are on the blog, plus a lot more. I think it’s much neater now.

I’m really sorry to all of you that the old forum is gone, I wish I owned it and had access to it, but I don’t, and I know there’s so many years of content (over 13) lost now. I joined the forum myself in 2005 or 2006 and I accumulated over 13,000 posts (something crazy like that), and a big part of my history and life is there as well, so I know how you all feel without it, which is why I want to make it right with this one. Thanks again to everyone who supported it and I hope you enjoy The Jeans Blog Forum! – Lorna.



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