How To Style Quadruple Denim

How To Style Quadruple Denim

I’m pretty sure that all of you here who read The Jeans Blog know that I live and breathe denim. After all, I started up a blog dedicated to it and own an astonishing amount of jeans. With all that in mind, it comes as no surprise to most of you that I might enjoy wearing all those denim options at once! So here is one of my latest quadruple denim outfits! I don’t usually share my personal outfits with you as I have my own personal blog for that, but this one was definitely worthy!

I’ve done a couple of posts before on how to wear double denim and even how to wear denim on denim for even more pieces, but I think 4 lots is the most I’ve worn at once, and trust me, I would wear more if I could as I own a denim watch and would love to own some denim shoes. How cool would that be if I wore all that at once? Given they’re completely different colours though, I don’t think it would be too much, which is why I wanted to share this post with you and some tips on how to rock a full outfit made of denim and to get away with it!

What Are The Rules?

  • Make sure all of the denim pieces are different shades and colours
  • Play with texture and embroidery to add interest
  • Keep the proportions simple and elegant
  • Make sure each item is slim and fitted so you don’t overwhelm your body
  • Show skin or mix other fabrics in to break it up

And then you should be able to create a multiple denim outfit which is a winner! I went with a simple light blue sleeveless denim shirt, some grey skinny jeans, an embroidered denim jacket, and a denim cross-body bag, all broken up with a few other things like my feet and arms. This does work for guys too, if you want to wear denim on denim with lots of layers, just make sure it’s fitted and you’ve chosen different shades to wear so that it doesn’t look like a uniform. How do you wear yours?

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