Denim Guide: How To Wear Leather Jackets With Jeans

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One staple that everyone loves to have in their closet, be it man or woman, is a leather jacket. They are so versatile, comfortable and easy to wear, they go with everything and they are as durable as you can get, not to mention stylish. We here at Jeans Blog adore our denim and of course a leather jacket is the perfect accompaniment to our jeans, but with all the different washes of denim out there and the different colours of leather jackets, which jeans go with which jackets? I’ve put together a chart and guide for both men and women, outlining the best denim shades to wear with your leather jackets! And if you are looking to buy a new leather jacket, I can’t recommend All Saints enough for their price point and styles.

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Black Leather Jacket


The black leather jacket is probably the most common and most iconic piece that you can get. Often coming with a biker fit and feel to it, it can be dressed up and worn over anything at all, even dresses and skirts. When it comes to your jeans though, what shades work best with it? You can see just below.

Since black is the most classic and the most versatile, it’s suitable for everyone to wear, which is why you can also get a plus size leather jacket if you’re looking for larger options to flatter those curves.

Denim Shades It Goes With:
Women – Black, Burgundy, Grey & Light Blue
Men – Black, Grey, Light Blue

Burgundy Leather Jacket

burgundy leather jacket

Burgundy leather jackets are one of my all time weaknesses. The rich, jewel tone shade of merlot is the best, but the one that Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has on above is gorgeous. Brad Pitt’s red leather jacket was made famous in Fight Club, but it’s since become a fashion statement on its own. This shade is perfect for the cooler months as it’s a very rich and intense Autumn colour, so here’s what you should style it with. If anyone spots a leather jacket in this colour, please let me know! It’s a wish list item!

Denim Shades It Goes With:
Women – Black, Grey and Dark Blue
Men – Black, Grey and Dark Blue

Tan/Brown Leather Jacket


Brown leather jackets are my go to actually as they work so well for people with blonde hair. Even though I own black, brown seems to be a little softer against my skin tone which is why I love to wear it so much. Obviously you can get varying tones of brown from light tan to dark mahogany, but here’s my advice for this one.

Denim Shades It Goes With:
Women – Light Brown with Mid to Light Blue and Dark Brown with Blues and Black.
Men – Light Brown with Mid to Light Blue and Dark Brown with Blues and Black.

Cream/Nude Leather Jacket


Nude or cream in leather jackets is fairly new for me as I haven’t really been into the lighter shades until now. They do look best in suede, I have to admit that, but they look gorgeous for the Summer months when you need something to keep the chill away, but want to keep it light and airy. This is probably a shade more suited to the ladies, but guys can wear it too. I remember seeing a photo of Hilary Duff in her leather jacket this shade and I fell in love.

Denim Shades It Goes With:
Women – Mid to Light Blue and Brown.
Men – Blues and Black.

Khaki/Olive Leather Jacket


The cool olive or khaki green shade of leather jackets can look so good. I’ve seen a lot of guys and girls wearing a dark green like this and it looks so chic. It’s fashionable and stylish like black, but it adds more of a fun element to the outfit you are wearing and makes it more interesting. It’s great for the Winter months too.

Denim Shades It Goes With:
Women – Mid to Light Blue, White and Black.
Men – Mid to Light Blue, Black and Dark Grey.

Navy Leather Jacket


Navy is a classic too isn’t it? But you might be thinking it’s too much blue. There’s a way to wear a navy leather jacket that looks good and not too much like a uniform, this goes for both the men and women out there who love dark blue leather. Definitely don’t be afraid of it and remember to keep away from dark blue in denim.

Denim Shades It Goes With:
Women – Light Blue, Black an Grey.
Men – Light Blue, Black and Grey.

Grey Leather Jacket

navy leather jacket

With grey leather jackets, I think this colour works best in a suede material so it’s not too plastic and metal looking. As grey denim is now extremely versatile and popular, almost as classic as blue, the grey leather jacket is doing the same thing. Grey is a shade which goes with almost everything, but I really don’t like it with tan brown shades as it’s too contrasting.

Denim Shades It Goes With:
Women – Black, Different Shades of Grey and Light Blue.
Men – Black, Different Shades of Grey and Light Blue.

Pastel Colour Leather Jacket


Finally we have the pastel tones. Pastel leather jackets were made popular a couple of years ago for the ladies, coming in pale blue, blush pink, mint green etc, but the light blue can work for guys too. With pastel shades like this, you really want to keep your denim classic and neutral, so the jacket is the focal point and colour of the outfit.

Denim Shades It Goes With:
Women – Black, Light Blue and White.
Men – Black, Mid to Light Blue, White and Grey.

Images courtesy of Fashioned Chic Styling, Raindrops of Sapphire, Mia Mia Mine, Could I Have That & The Fashion Supernova.



  1. March 1, 2017 / 6:41 am

    I’ve two leather jackets of black and brown colour similar to the ones in second and the fourth picture of this blog and was confused about how to wear it with my denim but now thanks to this article i know how to slay in my leather jackets.

  2. October 10, 2017 / 1:08 pm

    I thought I would look like a racer in leather jacket and jeans 😀 so I don’t have any leather jackets. Thank you for sharing the post, these styles are very beautiful and easy to wear.

  3. April 10, 2018 / 1:52 pm

    I have a brown leather jacket but I have never wore it, after reading this I am pretty sure that will use to wear it. thank you!

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