AGOLDE CrissCross Jeans in Surburbia Review

AGOLDE Crisscross Crossover Jeans in Surburbia Review

I know it’s been a little while since I did a denim review, but here’s a brand new one for you! This is way different to the usual reviews I usually do as well, since I mostly tend to stick to skinny jeans and classic cuts now, but I thought I would opt for the trending styles and do the AGOLDE Crisscross Crossover Jeans! Crossover jeans have been popular for the past couple of seasons, and everyone seems to be loving them, as well as the 90’s baggy fits, and this particular pair combines both of those elements, so here it is! I’m aware that this trend and these jeans aren’t for everyone, and I’m not sure how I feel about them myself, so give me your brutal and honest feedback in the comments below!

The Fit & Size – I took size 28 in these AGOLDE jeans as I heard they run a little big. I’m usually a 28 though, in their stretch denim, but since these are rigid, I would have opted for a 29 usually, but decided to stick with the 28 since the other reviews seemed quite genuine. I’m glad I did as they did run a little bigger, and although I could definitely take a 29, given the design of the jeans, I think the 28 works as they’re going to stretch out. The rise is about 10.75″, the inseam is 30″, and the leg opening is 15.75″. It does feel really weird writing a leg opening that wide! They seem to fit as they’re designed to all over though, but given the fact that I’m quite short and my usual inseam is about 26″, that’s why the length on these is bunching up a lot at the ankle. If you’re taller than me (164cm), you will have a more streamlined fit.

The Design – Honestly, these jeans are not designed to be extremely flattering, so there’s not a huge amount I can say in terms of them looking really flattering etc., as that’s not what they’re for. They do, however, look incredibly cool, trendy, and unique! They feature a button fly, like a classic vintage pair of jeans, but it tilts off to the side in an asymmetrical way. There’s another little internal button to clasp the other side of the fabric together too, so that’s a good detail to have in there. The back pockets are plain, and they’re not too wide, so they don’t overwhelm your butt. These are a 5 pocket design, with all pockets being functional, and these do remind me of Sister Act in the 90’s! They have that classic, baggy 90’s feel and fit to them, just made modern with the crossover waistband.

The Denim & Wash – The denim is a lightweight, non stretch, rigid 100% cotton fabric, so they’re definitely a good quality denim. It’s really soft though, especially to touch, so they actually have comfort to them, which surprised me! I was expecting them to be stiff and horrible. The wash is called Suburbia and it’s a really pretty, light blue, that has a vintage and authentic feel to it. It’s faded in the right places and the lap whiskers are extremely subtle. I actually love it!

The Comfort & Price – As I just mentioned, these jeans are actually comfortable. It takes a little getting used to with all the extra fabric around the legs and ankles, and I’m hearing the ‘whooshing’ noises that I used to back in the day, when my legs brush past each other, but around the butt and the crotch, they’re surprisingly comfortable! The crossover waistband has no impact on the comfort there either, in fact it makes the jeans feel looser and more wearable, especially after eating! In terms of pricing too, I don’t think you can go wrong with it, especially for premium denim! These retail at $188! I’m sure with Black Friday coming up, you’ll be able to get some good deals on them too!

Overall Opinion – My overall opinion of these jeans is that they’re really cool for what they are. If you’re looking for a 90’s, boyfriend, baggy jean that has an on trend waistband, these are it! The wash is a really nice light blue that looks vintage (AGOLDE are known for their gorgeous washes), and they’re actually pretty comfortable for a rigid jean, so if that’s your vibe, I 100% recommend them. However, for me, I’m not sure. Being short like I am, and used to skinny jeans, I don’t think I will be wearing these all the time as they’re quite overwhelming on my frame because of the length, but perhaps if I got them tailored, they might look even cooler! I do love the wash and waistband though! It’s so pretty! What’s your opinion on these AGOLDE Crisscross Jeans in Suburbia?


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  1. Ross
    November 4, 2021 / 3:56 am

    Interesting design & a nice blue I m guessing guys could wear them too I rock at the moment Levis 710 super skinny girls jeans size 25 in blue they are very tight !!! Cheers R

    • Lorna
      November 10, 2021 / 6:34 pm

      Thanks for the comment, Ross!

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