Are These The Best Burgundy Leather Pants?

It will soon be leather pants season and that’s exciting! The premium denim brands often release their classic black skinny leather pants, which is great, but I’m always looking for something more. After browsing online, I came across these Theory Leather Skinny Pants in Deep Mulberry and I think they might actually be the best leather pants I have ever seen!

Burgundy leather is always so hard to get right because it can be too brown, too dark, too red, too purple etc. and it can be off putting trying to find that perfect shade, but Theory have done it! I think it’s such a classy, yet fashionable shade of red and that’s so hard to combine into one colour. It’s not too orange or brown, it’s a deeper red so it’s not too light or too dark, and it’s got some slight purple undertones to keep it from looking too antique. They have done an amazing job!

These Theory Skinny Leather Pants are ankle length and have a 26.5″ inseam, coupled with a 9″ rise, and a leg opening of 10.25′, making them the perfect cropped high rise skinny fit. They look just perfect on the model so I can only imagine how they would look on celebs and bloggers! The lining is made from a 94% polyester and 6% polyurethane fabric, while the shell is 100% lambskin.

These have the classic jean style fit with the zip and button closure, front pockets, back pockets, and a skinny fit, so if you love high rise cropped jeans, I think you will adore these too! My only downside to these is the price as they cost $995, which is a bit steep, but it’s in the price range of all the other premium denim leather pants, so I shouldn’t be too surprised. What do you think of them? Do you think Theory has made the perfect leather pants? I sure do! Deep Mulberry is my colour of the season!

Buy these Theory Leather Pants at for $995



  1. Kenneth Churchill
    June 29, 2019 / 6:57 pm

    Why o why are you the same as the rest of these sites and only do women s gear is blokes like leather as well you know!!! You are missing a massive market by only doing mens and don’t get me are its not just you nearly all sites that sell leather trousers are for women if it was the other way around I bet someone would say something please please try and stock some for us guys I can’t find one site that sells burgundy leather jeans only one site that sells distressed look ones Of I want second hand if buy it but never ever wear second hand clothes please don’t take this the wrong way but it’s so frustrating seeing pics of lovely leather jeans but they are all on girls !!!! Best wishes lo! Xxx ken

    • Lorna
      July 1, 2019 / 7:07 pm

      Hi Ken, we are not a shop, we are a magazine, so we can only share what leather pants are an option to buy from brands and shops, we don’t sell any. My advice would be to buy women’s, there’s many guys who wear women’s jeans, so get a pair of women’s leather pants. Unisex is very common.

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