Georges Marciano Launches A New Denim Line


The Jeans Blog is pleased to say that there is something new and very exciting happening right now and it’s about to take the denim world by storm! The legendary designer, Georges Marciano, who is known for bringing denim to the forefront of fashion, has launched his own brand! Millions of people have already worn designs by Marciano as I’m sure you have noticed since he was the inventor of stone washed jeans, but going it alone means there’s room for him to expand and be more creative!

Focusing on 1980’s aesthetics, the collection is inspired by the past, yet it exudes a cutting-edge contemporary look as you can see in these photos. It has a gorgeous Southern California feel to it, which is a standard characteristic of Marciano designs. The new denim collection features nine washes created for both men and women, also available in half sizes, which is a bonus since not many brands do this. Marciano has also concentrated his attention on creating quality denim pieces, as well as classic fitted shirts and tops made with the finest materials, for a full apparel collection.

“I am very pleased with the new collection and looking forward to shaking up the fashion industry once again.” said Georges Marciano. He promises us a lifestyle brand of contemporary apparel and denim, taking pride in making handcrafted products without compromising quality. I can vouch for this since I have had the opportunity to check out the denim vest, so I am impressed with this collection. Take a look at the images below and let me know what you think as well! In the meantime, you can head to the website to find out more!



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