Wrangler Texas Stretch Jeans


The Wrangler Jeans Texas 25th Anniversary Edition collection really takes denim back to its roots. Wrangler was originally a Western brand as we all know, making jeans for cowboys many decades ago (read more on the history of Wrangler here) so it makes sense for them to celebrate a collection based on this. These jeans have a comfortable fit which is slouchy and slightly tapered, and classic, vintage washes as you can see. Wrangler Jeans not only pride themselves on being a classic brand, but I think this Texas Stretch collection couldn’t be more cowboy inspired if it tried. There’s something about these washes that just ooze country. Take this pair below as an example.

Wrangler Texas Stretch Jeans in Stonewash


Whenever I look at a wash like this, it always reminds me of something vintage. It takes me back to not only the 80’s era, but also the decades before and especially the cowboy times. I always see washes like this on jeans when I look at a guy riding a horse. I’m sure you do too, so it doesn’t get more authentic than this and Wrangler definitely know what they are doing. When worn though, the Texas Stretch collection does have a semi modern fit, as you can see below, so they are classic with an updated twist!


For those of you out there looking to get a pair, Jean Scene is an online store that stocks quite a few jeans from the Texas Stretch collection, over 30 different styes to be exact in different styles, so there is a wash and fit for everyone. Having been around for over two decades, stocking other classic brands alongside Wrangler, Lee, Vans and more, they definitely make a great shopping destination, especially with the free shipping and 30 day returns system!


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