White Jeans – A Year Round Staple For Men

White Jeans Are A Year Round Staple For Men

White jeans are often considered to be a summer staple only, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! White jeans for men are actually a year round staple – you can wear them 365 days of the year and still look as cool as you did the first time. I’m not saying you should only wear white jeans, that would be crazy, but they can be as versatile as blue or black jeans!

So guys, if you have a pair of beloved white jeans you’re wearing right now in the warmer weather, definitely don’t put them away! Not wearing white after Labor Day is a myth, it’s not a rule that applies, so keep them out and I’m going to show you how to wear white jeans for men in the winter months too! Trust me, you’re going to look chic, sophisticated, and styled!

How To Wear White Jeans All Year

As you can see above, on style icon, Marcel Floruss, he is wearing his white jeans with a shirt, blazer, and some monk shoes. The key to getting this type of outfit to look right is all in the style of the jeans. He chose a cropped length, a skinnier fit with a little slouch, and a crisp white shade. This type of casual fit, with the cropped length (showing his ankles) makes him look effortlessly dapper. White jeans like this are easy to style with smart jackets, shirts, and shoes, more so than blue jeans, as white is the replacement for black denim!

He chose a classic belt, sunglasses, and a watch to really add some other elements to the outfit, and I couldn’t love it more. I think he looks fantastic here! This is the perfect way to wear white jeans for men in the autumn or winter! Your chillier days just got more stylish!

As it’s still summer right now, a super simple way to wear your white jeans is by cuffing them (to make them even more casual), throwing on a loose fitting tank top, in a shade that matches your summer espadrilles, and then finish it off with a hat, some beaded bracelets, and sunglasses. It’s casual and really easy going, but screams hot weather!

When it comes to spring and you need a few more layers, I would recommend wearing your white skinny jeans with some white sneakers, with your ankles showing, and a looser fitting knit. I wouldn’t go for something heavy and chunky, but a finer knit would look absolutely fantastic. An outfit like this is elevated and clean, but really polished. White jeans always make outfits that little bit more classy than any other denim shade out there.

If you’re looking for specific colours that go with white jeans, I would definitely recommend:

  • Navy – It pops against the white without being as harsh as black. It’s an iconic duo that never fails! Be sure that you have cool toned white jeans to pair with blue colours.
  • Brown – This is perfect for cooler weather, especially if you have a warmer toned white. The warmth undertone of the white jeans will really complement those brown hues of autumn.
  • Grey – If you have a cooler toned white and don’t want to go for navy, grey is the next best option! You can pick pretty much any shade, from light to dark, and it pairs perfectly!
  • Pastel Shades – Pastel tones like mint green, baby blue, peach etc. are great accompaniments to white jeans in the summertime. You can’t really go wrong with light colours like this!

So now that you have all of these tips on how to wear white jeans for men all year round, are you going to start incorporating them into more of your looks? What’s your opinion on their versatility?

Images courtesy of OneDapperStreet.com


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