G-Star RAW ‘Wear Your Denim Till The End’ Campaign

G-Star RAW ‘Wear Your Denim Till The End’ Campaign

G-Star RAW has a brand new denim campaign called ‘Wear Your Denim Till The End‘ and it’s one of the coolest I have seen from a brand! We all know what a fan of raw denim I have been from the start of my denim obsession, and G-Star RAW have always been leaders in that area, so their new raw denim campaign is one that I couldn’t wait to see!

As the brand says, raw is the purest form of denim, which is carefully constructed to last a lifetime. Raw denim doesn’t have any additional treatments or washes added during the production process, which is why it’s called ‘raw.’ This actually means that less water and harmful chemicals are used during the process, creating a more sustainable fabric that has been made to last, which is much better for the environment.

The coolest part about raw denim though, in my opinion, is that it shapes to your body when you wear it, becoming softer the more you have them on. Over time, the indigo colour fades with distinct marks appearing around the knees, the lap, the butt etc., creating a unique piece with its own character, tailored to each wearer. I’ve always loved this aspect as it’s like an artist using denim as a canvas, the fading and whiskering is unique and one of a kind. Your daily life lines show on the denim.

Now G-Star RAW have curated their most responsible denim that is sure to go the distance. How sure are they? Sure enough to give you a lifetime warranty*. Being responsible from the start. How amazing is that? That literally means that you can wear your denim till the end. Just like the campaign title!

Click here to buy Raw Denim at G-Star.com

There are 3 different jeans styles that stand out in this campaign, and those are:

Triple A Men – This is a new yet timeless fit. The Triple A sits higher on the waist with a regular straight leg from the thigh down. Seems like a classic fit to me.

Type 89 Unisex – The Type 89 is a versatile option. You can wear your regular size for a classic straight fit, or you can size down for a slim, high-waisted look, or size up for a relaxed feel. I love that it’s unisex too!

Type 49 Men – The iconic Type 49 jeans offer a relaxed fit for extra comfort. They also have room at the thigh, and the straight leg continues right down to the ankle. Another classic style.

I’ve also included the Wear Your Denim Till The End campaign video above, which I think is so cool! It showcases a man walking through the desert in his G-Star RAW jeans, and as time goes on, they begin to fade and show wear, speeding up the many months and years it would actually take, so you can see what to expect from constant raw denim wear. It’s such a fun video! What do you think of it? You can also check out some of the great campaign shots below, as well as shopping the new denim in the link below! Tell us what you think of this campaign and raw denim!

Click here to buy Raw Denim at G-Star.com

*In collaboration with G-Star RAW.


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