How Do You Prefer Your Jeans Distressed?

What Is The Ideal Amount Of Distressing On Jeans?

One thing we all can agree on here is that we love denim, whether it’s distressed, plain, washed, raw, skinny, loose… We can’t get enough of it, but one of the age old questions that I often find myself asking is ‘how do you prefer your distressing?’ as I know it varies greatly. Some of us like our lovely distressed jeans to be minimal with a few scuffs and tears here and there, while others prefer something extreme with big rips and open holes (One Teaspoon springs to mind).

I know that the fashion trends differ from season to season and certain styles come in and out, or the seasons impact it because heavily ripped jeans are not very suitable for the winter, but are much better for the summer seasons for ventilation. At the end of the day though, it always comes down to our personal preference and what we think is too much, or too little when it comes to rips and abrasions on our baby blues.

The four different pairs of jeans above I think really demonstrate how unique distressing can be, and I’m sure you find yourself gravitating towards one as a favourite from each. For me personally, it’s number 2 (GOOD AMERICAN) or 4 (Levi’s). I would have gone for number 3 (GOOD AMERICAN) not all that long ago, and even number 1 (PAIGE) when I was younger, but my tastes have changed a lot over the years and I tend to prefer something more minimal and subtle, but it has to look authentic and intentional. I also need it to be on skinny jeans or straight leg as I don’t like distressing on bootcuts or flares unless they’re cropped and designed to be worn casually. I’m ok with it on boyfriend jeans too obviously, as I once had a pair of AG Ex-Boyfriend jeans that were amazing!

I remember there was a time when people were afraid of distressing, especially designers. I was once doing a collaboration with PAIGE and I remember drawing out a pair of jeans that had similar distressing to the Dylan George Lucy in Czar (If anyone remembers those old school jeans? If not, click here) but they unfortunately got rejected as the brand wasn’t ready for that heavy amount of distressing, but then fast forward a few years and they were releasing jeans with even more rips and tears, just like picture one above, so I know it definitely depends on where people’s minds are at in terms of trends too.

Getting to the point about the jeans having to look authentic when it comes to distressing though, I did a blog post the other day on the best vintage style jeans for 2019 and I think a lot of those have an ideal amount of it. As an example, these Levi’s jeans are perfect to me, whereas I think this pair here on ASOS are just too much. So, I would love to know, how do you prefer your distressing? Or does it all come down to the specific wash and jean for you? Comment below!

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  1. rachelratz
    January 15, 2019 / 1:08 pm

    I used to like them. Then it got annoying trying to put them on. My foot would go through the knee hole. Hilarious…. Since then, I’ve moved on to distressed hems. Like that a lot better. Looks way cooler. I think most people prefer the subtle. Makes sense. You spend a lot on a jean, and you get less in return via holes. So for me, “clean” look with distressed hems.

    • Lorna
      January 17, 2019 / 7:54 pm

      I’ve had that on a few, you have to be careful not to blast your foot straight in lol.I do love the distressed raw hems too!

  2. Lu
    January 15, 2019 / 6:26 pm

    Just another dumb fad I never liked. It’s stupid logic to pay retail for what is essentially damaged goods where the damage is the actual selling feature and basis for value. Kind of like buying a new car that includes all kinds of body and paint damage to show that the money was paid to get all those flaws. I just apply a simple set of criteria in the selection process and don’t over complicated it with these weird embellishments. I also have a pair of old men’s Levis only for work that have the exact same distressing from normal wear and tear so I don’t care if they get stained or ripped. It’s actually easy to accidentally make the rips bigger if my feet catch one of the holes when putting them on. It’s just unbelievable that manufacturers would be crazy enough to charge a premium for jeans with distressed features while selling it like the next in thing and hilarious that there are people who would actually pay good money for damage on jeans they could do themselves with a rotary tool at home. Shades of dumb and dumber!

  3. Fiona
    January 16, 2019 / 3:03 pm

    I have a pair of Levis dreams and I distressed them and absolutely love them! Some boyfriend jeans with some holes is such a fun casual look!

    • Lorna
      January 17, 2019 / 7:55 pm

      Oh those sound so cool! I would love to see!

  4. W
    January 16, 2019 / 8:54 pm

    I love distressed jeans, can’t get enough!

  5. Avery
    January 16, 2019 / 11:50 pm

    I like one or two holes in my jeans. It gives it an edgy look! As a matter of fact I think I have minimal pairs that don’t have holes in them! Even if it is freezing in the winter I’ll still wear a pair with at least one hole in the knee. Distressed jeans are definitely a must!

    • Lorna
      January 17, 2019 / 7:56 pm

      Ha ha, I have been known to do that too!

  6. Shawn
    January 17, 2019 / 4:02 pm

    Personally, I really like distressed jeans. Every pair of jeans I have is distressed in one form or another.

  7. James
    January 17, 2019 / 7:26 pm

    I really don’t like jeans which have been artificially distressed. The ripped knee fashion is not to my taste, but clearly it’s very popular. We’re all allowed our opinion which means no one is wrong in what they wear, it’s down to personal choice. That said, I’m happy to wear denim that has aged naturally that has genuine signs of wear, but once holes appear, I’ll pass them into a charity shop.

    • Lorna
      January 17, 2019 / 7:59 pm

      Thanks for sharing your opinion! You’re right, we each have our own which is why fashion is so diverse, and it seems really 50/50 with the distressing! Either love it or hate it.

  8. Allison
    January 20, 2019 / 3:53 am

    I think small rips are ideal for the winter time for a comfortable feel and more distressing is ideal for the summer time. I love how distressed jeans give a vintage vibe to any outfit!

    • Lorna
      January 20, 2019 / 6:02 pm

      Me too!

  9. Michael
    January 21, 2019 / 9:53 pm

    Distressed jeans are a must! They are much more stylish than regular jeans. A pair of washed distressed jeans are my go pants for fall.

  10. Tabitha
    January 22, 2019 / 8:40 am

    love distressed jeans… just gotta be careful in the summer not to get tan lines HAHAAHA

    • Lorna
      January 22, 2019 / 5:56 pm

      Ha ha, has that happened to you?

  11. Fiona
    January 23, 2019 / 4:19 am

    I love distressed jeans!! They are my favorite! Ive tried making my own before and let me tell ya its not easy to get that look that I love! Thanks for the read!

    • Lorna
      January 23, 2019 / 2:49 pm

      Yes! I fully agree, it’s hard and time consuming to get it right lol!

  12. Paul
    January 24, 2019 / 8:54 pm

    I have noticed that distressed jeans are in style for both women AND men. I recently picked up a pair myself and could not be more thrilled. Thanks for the great read!

    • Lorna
      January 25, 2019 / 2:35 am

      Thanks for reading! They definitely are fashionable!

  13. Sarah
    January 28, 2019 / 2:39 am

    I love distressed jeans! They add a something extra to a look. Just gotta work on not ripping the holes when your foot goes through it

    • Lorna
      January 28, 2019 / 2:47 am

      Ha ha, yeah you always have to be careful with that!

  14. Jessie
    January 28, 2019 / 8:27 pm

    Their hard to wear during the winter months. But They are something that allows you to shape up your fashion style

    • Lorna
      January 28, 2019 / 8:48 pm

      That’s for sure!

  15. chloe
    June 5, 2020 / 1:11 am

    Hi! I love the first pair of jeans on the left! Where can i buy them!? Thier exactly what I’m looking for!

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