GRLFRND Daria Oversized Denim Trucker Jacket Review

GRLFRND Daria Oversized Denim Jacket in Jingle Jangle Review

Gucci move over! I’m in love… For my denim review this week, I’m doing a denim jacket again instead of a pair of jeans. As you know, denim jackets are so popular at the moment and they’re one of the hottest pieces to wear for the summer months, especially when it comes to embroidered versions. I did a review on the Topshop embroidered denim jacket before and that’s a great lower price point piece to own, but I recently got this GRLFRND Daria denim jacket and oh my gosh, I am in love! So, lets get to the review!

The Size – When it comes to denim jackets, I’m not always knowledgeable on my size, especially when they all run differently and some have oversized fits, like this one. To be on the safe side, I opted for size S and it turned out to be perfect. My bust measures around 38 inches and my waist is around 28 inches, if that helps at all. In Topshop clothing I am usually a UK 6-8 and the same in Allsaints as well. So I would say, since this is a size small and has an oversized fit, it’s fairly true to size actually, so go with what you usually would pick in a jacket and it should be ok! It is 100% cotton though, so you don’t want it too tight.

The Fit – As I mentioned, this GRLFRND denim jacket is oversized, so it’s longer in length which I love, and it has a slouchier fit all over, which I find extremely flattering believe it or not. There are plenty of denim jackets that I have tried on the larger side and they just swamp my frame and look incredibly unflattering, but this one is entirely different. Even though it’s larger, it’s cut slim so it still contours to your body and enhances and highlights the feminine shape, which is what makes me like it so much. If anything, instead of making you look bigger, it makes you look smaller! Who would have thought?

The Wash – Now for the wash, it’s called Jingle Jangle. I’m not sure what relevance this name has to the actual jacket itself, but it’s definitely so versatile and pretty, I’ve found myself reaching for it constantly. The blue itself is the perfect mid to light blue with faded areas, with a bleached undertone. It reminds me so much of a vintage Levi’s denim jacket and that’s so hard to replicate, but GRLFRND actually nailed it! It really looks worn in and battered, but in a good way. It’s that perfect middle blue shade to pair with other denim and rock the double denim look, or to throw over dresses as well.

The Details – First off, I wanted to say this jacket has button closures like normal, two front breast pockets, branded hardware and buttons, as well as side slit pockets which are in the perfect place for your hands! You can actually put your hands in the pockets and not crease it up or feel uncomfortable, that in itself is a win to me! But mostly I think it’s subtle and authentic looking, and I like to roll the sleeves up for a more casual feel to it, as you can see.

The Embroidery – I didn’t mention the embroidery in the details section as I feel like it should come under its own section. As you can see it features an intricately detailed tiger on the back, in the middle of the words ‘Rien N’est Eternal’ which means ‘Nothing Is Eternal’ and I think that literally makes the jacket. Logos on the back are so cool right now and I like that this one is fierce. From the front it says ‘Fete Connais’ which means ‘Celebration’ across the top pocket in scripted handwriting. So those are the only embroidery parts of the jacket, it’s not too overdone or too in your face, it has the perfect balance.

Overall Opinion – I think you can probably tell from this review that this GRLFRND Daria Oversized Denim Jacket is amazing in my opinion. It’s my favourite denim jacket that I own (and I own a few) and I knew it would be as soon as I took it out of the package. The fit is flattering and comfortable, all while being vintage inspired. The wash is beautiful and the embroidery is fantastically intricate, which makes it even more amazing, plus it goes with everything. It does have a higher price point of $448, so it is quite pricey, but if you were to compare to something like the Gucci embroidered denim, it’s definitely worth the money. I know this is a jacket that I can wear anytime I want and even though it’s on trend right now, I still think it’s going to be wearable and almost a classic in years to come too. I can safely say I love it, and I am so impressed with GRLFRND lately! They’re so innovative and cool! What do you think?

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  1. Travis Bird
    June 23, 2017 / 2:26 pm

    I think the words on the left breast are, “Je Te Connais” (I know you). That would make a kind of humorous sense when coupled with the motto on the back, “Rien N’est √Čternel” (Nothing is forever). You see one when the wearer is approaching you and the other…as she walks away.

    For a person carrying a health burden, you certainly look radiant and serene in these photographs.

    • Lorna
      June 24, 2017 / 1:02 am

      Ah, I couldn’t really read them very well with the fancy writing, so thanks for pointing that out!

      And thanks, Travis! I do get good days, at the moment it’s more bad than good, but we do the photo shoots on days where I’m feeling good, so it’s usually 1-2 times a week we shoot photos, around about 6 times a month in total. I try to not let anything show through in the photos, so even if I’m suffering a little bit at the time, I put on a brave face and power through! Good to know it doesn’t show to anyone who doesn’t know!

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