Exclusive POPSTAR Denim Interview With Mavi & ISKO


The Jeans Blog got the opportunity to chat with Alissa Friedman, the PR & Marketing Manager at Mavi, as well as Kutay Saritosun, the Senior Marketing Executive at ISKO™ about their brand new collaborative jeans, POPSTAR. These are the new, super stretchy, super soft fabric jeans from the Mavi Gold Label, so I couldn’t wait to find out more about them! Read the interview below for more details and you can shop them online by clicking here. Don’t forget you can read my other interview with ISKO™ on their denim book too!

The Jeans Blog – You just launched your POPSTAR denim, can you tell us what it is?

Mavi – Mavi POPSTAR is an exclusive addition to our premium Mavi Gold collection and our latest denim innovation. Redefining softness, comfort and a perfect fit in a pair of jeans, POPSTAR utilizes ISKO™’s POP performance stretch technology to guarantee all-around freedom of movement and a perfect adherence to one’s body. The collection uses the softest fabrics with a smooth feel and the best retention in the premium denim market. The result is a jean that molds to a woman’s figure and retains and enhances the shape of her curves.

ISKO™ – POPSTAR is a product collaboration between two denim heritage brands, MAVI, global innovator in denim design and manufacturing, and ISKO™ the leading global premium denim supplier that provides cutting edge denim fabric technology and trend to premium brands globally. POPSTAR collection is an exclusive addition to MAVI’s Gold Collection for Fall 2015 which uses ISKO™ fabric.

TJB – How did you come up with the new POPSTAR denim?

Mavi – We are committed to the touch and feel of denim and aim for the softest jeans in the market. ISKO™’s POP technology reflects Mavi’s product philosophy with its soft and smooth finish and incredible holding power. ISKO™ and Mavi have been close partners for a long time. We want to keep the Mavi brand moving forward using the latest technology and modernity, and ISKO™ has been a great collaborator for this.

ISKO™ – POPSTAR is the name MAVI is using for this collection which uses our proprietary POP fabric that is wildly popular among all premium denim brands. Speaking from the fabric perspective, the inspiration behind POP was to combine ISKO™’s stretch technology with a buttery soft hand to create something that is soft and supple, does not bag out, flatters your silhouette and holds its shape wear after wear.

TJB – What was the inspiration behind it?

Mavi – POPSTAR was created with today’s urban woman in mind; she needs a jean that complements her active lifestyle, providing all-day comfort, softness and limitless movement with a premium, refined look offering femininity, flexibility and high recovery.


TJB – What makes it so unique and different to others on the market?

Mavi – POPSTAR combines key elements from our Mavi Gold line with a comfortable construction and satin-like finish. Incredible stretch in the denim and amazing recovery properties enable the jeans to keep their shape and mold to the wearer’s body for the perfect fit, wear after wear. Combined with a softer touch and smooth finish, POPSTAR provides a true denim look and luxury feeling. We are able to offer a superior product within the performance denim category at an incredible value with the line ranging from $115-$148.

ISKO™ – Our trademark POP finish combined with our stretch technology provides superb soft touch, a satin-like finish and comfort that guarantees all-around freedom of movement and perfect adherence to one’s body. Combined with MAVI’s POPSTAR fits, it results in a pair of jeans that flatters and enhances a woman’s silhouette and keeps its shape wear after wear.

TJB – What fits does it come in?

Mavi – We offer POPSTAR in numerous styles to fit the needs of our contemporary girl: Skinny, Straight, Boot and Boyfriend come in a variety of rises and indigo washes that epitomize style and quality.

TJB – Can we expect to see it as a staple throughout most of your collections, coming in different washes?

Mavi – Definitely. POPSTAR is the true star of our Mavi Gold line and offers perfect shape retention using the softest luxury denim with the newest fabric innovations. We are offering both clean, refined washes and rich vintage looks from mid to deep ink rinse shades. The texture and indigo color of the collection is unique with its special deep indigo finish enriched by an ink blue surface.

ISKO™ – We introduced POP finish in several different fabric constructions a couple of seasons ago which became very popular among all of our premium denim brand clients around the world. So since its inception, it truly evolved into being a staple concept in our collection. We introduce different shades and versions of POP every season, in versions of rigid and stretch fabrics, namely ISKO POP RIGID™ and ISKO POP STRETCH™, and will continue doing so in future seasons.

TJB – What’s your perfect way to wear the POPSTAR jeans?

Mavi – There’s no wrong way to wear POPSTAR, the jeans are clean with smart styling, are body contouring and ultra slimming. We love a good mid-rise skinny paired with a flowy blouse and topped with a leather jacket and killer heels…the ultimate look for the cool and confident woman!

TJB – Thank you so much!



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