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Hi Everyone!

After the landslide of a vote in the poll for a forum, it’s definitely apparent that you all miss the old DenimBlog forum and would love a new one here at The Jeans Blog. I would absolutely love to be able to give you a forum and have done a lot of research into it.

I’ve checked out the free forum plugin from BBPress and it’s not very good at all, it’s extremely basic and you wouldn’t be able to do an outfit of the day thread with it, so I’m definitely looking to go with VBulletin which is the professional, top of the game forum system. Unfortunately VBulletin costs $250 (due to it being the best one) so it’s very out of budget at the moment and I wont be able to buy it before 2017, as you know I lost my job at DenimBlog and am going it alone.

I definitely want to give you a forum though and as so many of you (over 80 of you) want a forum, I’m putting the option of donations out there. For those of you who are desperate for the forum to come back, you can make a donation via Paypal towards its purchase, so that we can get the ball rolling as I want it to be homed here on The Jeans Blog, not free hosted elsewhere.

If you would also like to play a role in the forum, please do get in touch with me! But the donate button is just below for you all, if you want the forum. I would definitely do it myself if I could manage, but as the blog is taking off (it’s had over 1 million views now) I’m not personally in a financial position to buy one just yet, so I apologise for that, but want to give you your forum as soon as possible since it’s been gone since May.

I worked it out that if each of the 83 of you who voted ‘yes’ to the forum donated only $3, it would be enough to purchase it. I hope we can get there!




    • Lorna
      October 25, 2016 / 2:03 am

      I checked that one out but it looks like you have to renew every 6 months and it only comes with a chat room big enough for 5 people, if you want to host more people then you have to pay more, so I think it will work out more expensive in the long run. Thanks for sharing it though!

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