Weekend Denim Vibes & Fall Patchwork

Weekend Denim Vibes

As the season for layering is here and in full swing, some of the inspiration for outfits lately which are centered around denim have been amazing. These two denim outfits in particular have a model off duty look about them and they scream style and passion. I can definitely see the outfit above being worn on someone like Gigi Hadid or Karlie Kloss, it would suit them down to the bone! A nice distressed, broken in skinny jean with a slight slouch to it, a simple striped roll neck top layered with a structured, long grey coat, finished with some sneakers for comfort and of course some glam accessories in the form of a tote, a hat and some trusty sunglasses. It’s got all the makings of a chic outfit from the get go and it’s made unique with the choice in footwear as well. It has a great tomboy feel while remaining elegant. Is this something you would wear?

Fall Patchwork

If the denim outfit above isn’t really your thing and you find it’s too masculine or casual, you might like this patchwork inspired 70’s look here. Patchwork denim was big on the runways last season but it’s made its way into the form of a suede mini skirt which marries harmoniously with the neutral roll neck sweaters and taller patent ankle booties. Where does the denim come in though you might ask? It’s in the jacket! Switching out the casual style denim jacket for a structured pea coat denim design is perfect! It helps keep this outfit looking sharp and classy, especially with the coloured bag and glasses. This would look perfect on some fashion bloggers with their unique sense of style, I could even see this on Taylor Swift too! It’s amazing! Do you like this denim outfit?

– All of these products here in the collages are available to purchase just by clicking them. The best thing about these photos is the interactivity, so just hover your mouse over each item to see what it is and then click to go through to Shopbop to purchase it if you love it! Simple as that! Have a wonderful weekend in your new denim inspired model off duty outfits!



  1. November 26, 2015 / 3:23 am

    Has the patchwork look come back this year. If so it is a great look that is able to survive time.

    • Lorna
      November 27, 2015 / 2:55 pm

      Yeah, it’s always trending at some point in the year, not as huge as it was, but it’s a great look!

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