Cult of Individuality Raw Denim Challenge Update


Looking back at 2014, it was filled with denim tales. Moments were created, and for all the ones that start with do you remember the time when… there’s probably a good story waiting to be told. I’m having so much fun keeping up with the #CultFutureVintage challenges on social media. I can’t wait for the next challenge. Sharing a few of my favorites here.

It’s awards season and I have a feeling Cult of Individuality really likes movies. They named their next challenge: The Oscar Challenge. I didn’t get to watch too many movies this year but one that stands out was The Chef. It’s a feel good movie about a chef who loses his job and reinvents himself by starting a popular taco truck business, AND accidentally becomes a Twitter sensation in the process.

Inspired by my recent trip to Brooklyn, here are some feel good moments I had with my Cults. I gave each moment a Williamsburg inspired name: Do you remember the time when…

The Bedford – I couldn’t believe I was standing on Bedford Ave in Brooklyn, NY about to ring in the new year in my Cults, and I still had sand in my pockets from the night before in San Diego.

The 3 AM Moon – Still in my Cults, I was working on an epic post in the middle of the night and the moon greets me almost exactly at the same spot above the Manhattan skyline. It happened at 3 AM, two nights in a row.

The Meatball Shop – Did you know I had a meatball sandwich named after me because I always ordered it? Like any good buddy sidekick, my Cults were there to indulge my craving for comfort food in the middle of the night.

Fabiane’s – It was the brunch that stole the show! The cozy tables by the window ended up being front row seats to the first snowfall in the city. Feels indie doesn’t it?

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