Diesel SS15 Denim Ad Campaign #DIESELHIGH


Check out the brand new Diesel SS15 Ad Campaign! It was shot by Nick Knight again, making this his second campaign consecutively for Diesel, after making his debut with the AW14 Campaign.

A positive and beautiful message comes from the campaign for Spring with a focus on tolerance, inclusiveness, love (in the largest most unconditional sense possible) in order to maintain a positive outlook on life. I love this as it’s really important to notice the little things and enjoy them! This season the campaign strives to get people high on life with #DIESELHIGH – a concept intertwined within the campaign that stands for all of the above.

I think this campaign is simple in its formula as the imagery sets to evoke happiness and positivity in a world which may be over shadowed by the opposite. I know this is something that is very close to a lot of us when having to watch the news, read the papers and feel like everything around you is getting worse and collapsing. It’s so important to take a step back, focus on yourself and learn to dismiss the negativity.

Creative Director Nicola Formichetti says: “There are so many crazy things happening now that you don’t see people just having fun any more. The challenge was to work with an avant-garde photographer, Nick Knight, and get him to do something he’s rarely done – which is shoot people smiling. It feels spontaneous, like they are selfies and he’s just the one snapping the photo.”

Some of the campaign faces include the beautiful model Winnie Harlow who is rapidly growing her status in fashion as a contending model, Charlotte Free, Kiko Mizuhara, Bruce, Sabrina, Gryphone O’Shea and Surren Senevirate. I think this is so much fun and I’m really happy to see a new Diesel Campaign with such a positive message! Doesn’t it make you just want to smile? I can’t wait for Summer! You can buy the current Diesel collection online at ASOS. 



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