The Topshop Denim Borg Jacket Everyone Is Talking About

Topshop Hybrid Borg Denim Jacket

This is the brand new denim jacket of the season that everybody is talking about, and fashion week is going nuts for! It’s the Topshop Hybrid Borg Denim Jacket and it’s so cool! I saw it online a few days ago and actually saw it in the Topshop store on Saturday (see the last photo). I wasn’t sure on it at first as it’s quite unique and quirky, but the more I look at it, the more I fall in love.

It’s a combination of blue denim on the bottom and on the cuffs, with a cream borg fleece on the top half and collar. It’s got a retro styling and a masculine fit to it, made from 100% cotton, but it’s reminding me of the 90’s in a way, especially when it’s paired with jeans!

I think it’s one of those denim jackets that we’re going to be seeing a lot of this Autumn. It only costs £49 which is fairly reasonable for a fashion forward denim jacket, so will you be buying it? I’m contemplating it myself, and if I do, I will definitely be doing a review for you! You can buy it with the link below, which I recommend before it sells out, if you like it. Do you like it?

Buy this Topshop Denim Jacket online at


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