Avoid Maternity Jeans With This Quick Trick

How To Avoid Maternity Jeans With The Elastic Band Trick

We all love jeans here, that’s no secret at all, but what happens when us ladies can’t fit into our beloved pairs because we are pregnant? We freak out, get a bit upset, then look at shelling out a lot of money for new maternity jeans that we can wear during pregnancy. Of course that’s a sensible option and one that can be fun, but when it means that you only get to wear those maternity jeans for a few months (and never again if you don’t want more children) it can become a waste of money.

What if there’s a way that you can save money and still keep wearing your favourite jeans for most of your pregnancy? Wouldn’t that be exciting? Well… there is! It’s the elastic band trick.

Some of you may have heard of it and some of you might be thinking ‘eh?’ but it’s a tried and tested method that works really well for most people. I’ve personally done it myself when I’ve suffered with food intolerance’s and bad bloating, meaning I haven’t been able to button up my jeans – so it works when you look about 6 months pregnant from bloat, that’s for sure!

How To Do It

So all you’re going to need for this trick is your jeans and an elastic band. It’s as easy as that! You don’t need anything else but those two things and it doesn’t damage or ruin the jeans, and can be removed at any time. DIY Maternity shows you exactly how it’s done, but to recap:

  1. Push the elastic band through your unbuttoned jeans hole.
  2. Thread one end through the loop of the band on the other side to secure it (like this).
  3. Take the long end of the band and use it as a new button hole, placing it over your jeans like the main photo in this article. Simple!

So this maternity denim hack will save you loads of money and literally cost you nothing! We all have elastic bands lying around in our drawers, but if you don’t, it works with a simple hair elastic too! Plus, you can remove it at any point and put it on another pair of jeans for the next day. Of course there might be a few issues towards the end of your pregnancy when your belly is too big to even fit into the elasticated method (not for everyone), but if that happens I’m sure you can manage with oversized shirts and leggings for the time being until you’re little one is born. All in all though, you’ll save a lot of money and if you don’t want to buy maternity jeans, this is the answer!

Image Credit: Lifehack.


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