Denim Review: True Religion Casey Camo Skinny Jeans

True Religion Casey Skinny Jeans in Camo Review 3

True Religion Casey Camo Skinny Jeans in Olive Camo Review

My denim review this time around is on the True Religion Casey Camo Skinny Jeans in Olive Camo. I’ve not reviewed a pair of True Religion jeans in a very long time, nor had I tried a pair since the hype of the twisted seem Joey’s back in the day. True Religion did a lot of re-branding not so long ago and made their jeans more subtle with the stitching and details, so they aren’t too loud or bold anymore, which is something that pleases me. I’m much more into cleaner and minimal jeans these days and I’m thankful that more brands are catching onto this being more popular among many women. So, lets get to the review.

The Fit: The fit of these Casey Skinny Jeans is what I would call a low rise ankle skinny. They feature a 7.5 inch rise, an inseam of 29 inches and a leg opening of 10 inches, so you can see from the measurements that they are just as I described. Despite the rise being a lower 7.5 inches (I’m more used to 9 inches these days), they are still really comfortable because of the fabric and I’m happy to report that they don’t show off your butt at the back. Nobody likes that!

True Religion run on the bigger side and I’ve always been a 26 in them, which is what I took in these jeans and they fit me perfectly as you can see in the modelled photos. I’ve always found True Religion to be amazing butt jeans though, they have their pocket placement and size positioned perfectly so that it enhances and gives your butt a rounded appearance, which is something I always look for in denim, as I’m sure you do! Since I do have shorter legs though, the 29 inch inseam is a little longer on me and not very ankle length, but that’s nobody’s fault here since they would be ankle on most people.

The Denim: The denim here is made up of a mix of 98% cotton/2% spandex and is super stretchy. It’s extremely thin and lightweight to make them really comfortable and feel more like leggings than a pair of jeans, which is what I would say they feel like: Jeggings. You can see by some of the wrinkling on the legs just how stretchy they are and in some lights they almost have a little sheen to them. If you are looking for actual denim material and a feel of denim though, I don’t think these would be for you as they are more of a stretch fabric than a denim, but with the camo print on it, they are just fine.

The Wash: Now getting to the Olive Camo wash here, isn’t it cool? These jeans have been a staple in True Religion’s collection for about a year now and are always available on Shopbop whenever I check, so I have a feeling they are a best seller for the brand. The camo print mixes brown, olive green and a taupe shade together giving it a more muddy and dirty feel to the usual bright green camo that we see from time to time. I think it’s a great take on the trend and I’m really impressed with how well the print is done on these. I’m obviously not in the army myself, so I’m not overly familiar with camo print uniform, but from what I have seen, I think this is a very good representation in a fashionable way. True Religion did a great job on these and they are one of my favourite camo print jeans around!

The Details: As I mentioned above, True Religion are into minimal designs now, so there’s not a lot of details on these to report. They still have their signature horseshoe stitching on the back, but the thread is tonal so it blends in really nicely with the jeans. You only see it if you look. Plus, the new horseshoe only features one stitched line and not a double set, so it’s much more subtle. They of course have the little horseshoe on the coin pocket too, but it only peeks out the top, which I think is cute. All of the stitching all over the jeans is done in a taupe thread so you really only focus on the camo print of the jeans, which I think is perfect.

Overall Opinion: My overall opinion of these is a good one. If you are looking for a camo jean because you like the print or you want to try a more subtle print that a bold floral (or something equally crazy) then I recommend these. They are definitely one of the best camo prints I have seen on jeans and I have seen quite a few. I like that they are kept clean with no distressing and they are tonal and minimal while being quite bold. They mixed everything well here. If you are a fan of True Religion, you will know they have a very flattering fit too, like I mentioned, so overall I definitely love these for a fun pair of jeans! You wouldn’t think you could dress them up smart either, but you can. I have done just that as you can see at the bottom of this post! Do you like these jeans?

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Buy these jeans online at Shopbop for $178


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