Citizens of Humanity Rocket Crop Jeans in All Black Review

Why these jeans are the best clean black skinny jeans ever…

It was quite a few months ago that I got these Citizens of Humanity Rocket Crop Skinny Jeans in All Black, but I wanted to be sure I am voting them as the best clean black skinny jeans I have before doing this review, which is why I have been seeing how often I reach for them, the comfort, and everything else. I can say without a shadow of a doubt, these are the best clean black skinny jeans I own! I’ve spoken to a lot of people who also own them and they say the same things, so read on to find out why they’re so amazing and why you need a pair!

The Cut – Obviously the Rocket Crop is a very popular cut from Citizens of Humanity and probably one of their most purchased, but if you’re not familiar with it, it’s a high rise skinny with a cropped ankle. It’s the shorter version of the full length Rocket, which makes it perfect for petite people! The rise height is 9.75″, the inseam is 26.5″, and the leg opening is 11″, making it the perfect crop. If you wish to compare that to the full length Rocket, those have a rise of 9.75″, an inseam of 29.5″, and a leg opening of 9″. You might be wondering why the leg opening is smaller, but that’s because a full length skinny is often designed to sit below the ankle which is quite narrow, and a crop is designed to sit along the calf, so there needs to be a difference in leg opening circumference. They’re basically the same jean, just this pair is shorter.

I find these Rocket Crop Jeans to be extremely flattering though, being 5ft 4″ myself means they hit me at the ankle so I can wear them full length (which is why I love them) and the rise height is ideal, as you can see, not to mention the back pocket placement is perfect too. The pockets aren’t too big or too small and are placed with the bottoms of the pockets just skimming the bottom of the butt cheeks, which is the perfect location. I literally cannot fault this cut in the slightest, it’s my favourite! Those of you who are familiar with my reviews and my choice of jeans to wear will also know that I own numerous washes in the Rocket Crop, so you can believe me when I say how much I love it.

The Fabric – If you are a fan of Citizens of Humanity and you remember the Rocket in Axel Black from a few years ago, these are extremely similar, if not identical, and it’s all down to the fabric. Some people have said these don’t feel like jeans because they’re so soft, lightweight, and stretchy, but they definitely are. The denim is made up of 43% cotton, 40% rayon, 5% polyester and 2% polyurethane, which is what makes these so special. The rayon is responsible for giving a silky smooth feel to them, which feels like wearing silk, while the stretch is unbelievable! These jeans feel like leggings in the sense they stretch so much to hug and contour your body, yet they don’t stretch out of shape or get baggy. I have worn them so many times and was expecting them to be a bit loose by now, but they’re not. They’re still perfect! It’s the best fabric ever and I wish they made all of their Rockets with it actually!

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The Sizing – Citizens of Humanity sizing can be a bit all over the place sometimes when it comes to their different cuts, as I can vary in what I choose, but with their general new Rocket sizing, I would say these are true to size, if not a little bit on the small side. I took a size 28 which is generally my standard in Rocket Crop and they fit very snug, but comfortable. If I were to compare this 28 to PAIGE or Hudson or AG, these definitely run smaller, so going with your larger size if you’re between sizes might be a good idea. I don’t think you can go too far wrong though since they’re so stretchy and hug the body, you just want to make sure they’re comfortable for you, but fitted.

The Wash/Details – There’s never a huge amount I can say about a black wash, but this one is pretty much the same as the old Axel as I mentioned. It’s a pitch black with deep undertones so it’s not faded at all, it’s very dark and classic, meaning they’re great jeans for dressing up. All of the stitching is in tonal black as well and the rivets are gunmetal, making them as clean as possible. There’s no distressing or abrasions, no rips, nothing, they’re completely pitch black and sleek. I haven’t yet washed them so I can’t say how well they hold their colour, but I rarely ever wash black jeans because I don’t want them to fade. I’d recommend using something in the wash to seal in the colour if you do wash them, just in case! Regarding details, there are none apart from the minimal COH logo patch which is out of sight, so they’re purely about a deep black wash.

Overall Opinion – I am certain from my heading and if you’ve got this far that you know I give these jeans a 10/10, goodness I would even give them 100/10 if it was possible, but it’s not. I love everything about them and the fact that they’re so comfortable you could live in them just adds to that appeal to me. I can’t think of anyone that these wouldn’t be suited to. Even if you’re taller you have the full length option (buy them here), so if you’re looking for comfy, smooth and soft, super stretchy black jeans, these are it. I’ve not heard anyone say they didn’t like them at all, only good things from everyone so far and they pretty much get 4-5 stars across the board. The only thing that knocks them down for some people is the stretch as some like jeans a bit more rigid or stiff, but I personally don’t, I left that era behind a long time ago. Have any of you got them?

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  1. Paige
    September 28, 2018 / 8:11 pm

    I had been wanting these for a while, so I ended up buying them over the summer during a sale. I bought them in size 23 because a) the store didn’t have 24 and, b) the sale associate said I should get the smallest size I could fit into as they stretch out. I didn’t wear them at all over the summer, and now that it’s fall I have started wearing them. they don’t look too small, except for the flap over the zipper doesn’t totally cover the zipper. Since I was unsure of the size, I went back to the store and tried the 24s, and they were super comfy! Now I wish I got the 24s.. especially reading your review that they don’t actually stretch out. Do you have any advice (sadly I can’t return them)? Maybe the more I wear them they will stretch eventually.

    • Lorna
      September 29, 2018 / 1:09 am

      They might over a longer period of time, but I’ve worn mine at least 15-20 times so far and they haven’t stretched at all. The denim over the zipper fly for me does flap sometimes too, due to the high stretch amount in the jeans, so maybe it’s nothing to worry about? If the 23 is comfy for you, and not causing you pain or restricting you, is should be ok? They’re gorgeous jeans!

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