Exclusive Denim Interview With Journey Lead Singer, Arnel Pineda & Yul Session


Has there ever been a band that you loved growing up and their music just resonates with you? Journey was one of those bands for me and I am really happy to be sharing with you an exclusive interview that has left me in awe. I got to speak with the lead singer of Journey, Arnel Pineda (a guy with one of the most incredible voices), about his love of fashion, and more importantly, denim.

Arnel wears denim all the time, both on stage and off stage, loving brands like Diesel, G-Star, DSquared2 and more, so it was a pleasure to find out about his personal style and love of jeans. Yul Session is Arnel’s stylist and they both work very closely together in getting his stage outfits right, so I got to chat with Yul as well, for a full rounded interview. Please do check out the interview below! I want to say a huge thank you to Melissa (as well as Arnel and Yul) for taking the time to answer these questions.

TJB: Can you tell us about Worldwide Exposure, the company that helps you find sponsors for your stage wear?

Melissa: Hi, it’s Melissa, I came to them with the idea and I just ran with it. I’m pretty fearless and reach for the top designers. It’s win win for Arnel and the brand. They are getting exposure to a wide range of ages and to crowds of 20k people at a show and Arnel is wearing the latest trends. In addition to the published reviews with photos to major media. Arnel has over one million worldwide Twitter followers that he exposes to the brands. Dr Martens from day one has been a huge supporter of Arnel. Sara and her team always come from a place of yes, how can we help.

TJB: Yul, what’s it like styling Arnel? I can imagine it’s challenging with his small frame. What tips do you have to work around this?

Yul: As you know Arnel is small framed & that proves to be challenging. I have to find the right fit to elongate his frame to make him look taller on stage. We have fun with it, sometimes we disagree, but Arnel knows that I know his frame & what looks best on stage.

TJB: You focus on Arnel’s stage looks, but what is his personal style like? Do the two combine together nicely?

Yul: I focus only on his stage looks and Ap picks his off stage clothing for comfort mainly. He wears all different brands for off duty looks. Arnel & I both like to stay on trend, so I look for edgy clothes that will bring a spark to the stage and his looks.


TJB: You have mentioned he loves Buscemi and Dr Marten. Do you style each brand with different jeans?

Yul: Both have distinctive designs. If he’s wearing light denim then I lean more towards Buscemi, but with the darker denim and leathers, I choose Dr. Martens. Both designer’s compliments his stage looks perfectly.

TJB: When you come across new jeans, what gives them the green light and you know Arnel will love them?

Yul: Usually it’s the perfect cut, which is made for smaller frame, and if they are edgy. I also look for fabric stretch and a skinny fit as Arnel needs comfort on the stage and to be able to move freely.

TJB: Arnel, do you think denim has played a huge role in your life during your Journey experience?

Arnel: Coming to Journey, we try to bring a younger look but stay within the core audience. Denim is one of those fabrics that can be dressed up or down and is comfortable on stage. I am very physical when I’m performing, so I need stretch to the fabric. Yul knows what I need to look good on stage and also function, so denim makes a great choice.

TJB: Is it fun working with your stylist, Yul? Do get the right mix of comfort, fashion and fits?

Arnel: Of course, Yul knows me best. I’ve been working with him for many years and we complement each other perfectly. We not only are work brothers but real life brothers also. We have fun on the road, we are both Filipino and it brings comfort to the road.


TJB: I know some of your favourite brands are DSquared2, Burberry, G-Star, Diesel, AG, Nudie, along with some local Filipio brands, Jail Jeans and Avel Bacudio. Can you tell us what you love about them? I’m guessing it has a lot to do with the washes from those brands?

Arnel: Yes, washes and fit are key! Yul looks first to the fit as that’s the most important factor for me and then he looks for style. We both love something with an edge, rock and roll, and brands like Diesel and DSquared2 are known for being creative with their washes, fitting my needs.

TJB: One thing I can’t believe is that you are almost 50 – you look so young! What’s your secret?

Arnel: Clean eating, vitamins, sleep and keeping my body fit. Being on the road is very physically draining ,so I try to stay hydrated and eat healthy.

TJB: Well, it works! Lastly, tell us about your current tour and your new songs! Plus, who inspires you?

Arnel: Journey is currently on tour through September. We pick up again February 2017 hitting some places we haven’t been in awhile.

My favorite artists are, Beatles, Billy Joel, Led Zeppelin and also more soothing artists like the Carpenters.

I am also recording my solo album which will be released soon. I have a charitable foundation with my wife Cherry based in Manila, APFI which can be found online at arnelpineda.com and also arnelpinedarocks.com.

TJB: Thank you, Yul, Arnel and Melissa!

You can follow Arnel Pineda on Twitter @arnelpineda, as well as Yul Session (@yulsession) and Worldwide Exposure (@wwexposure) to keep up to date! For brand inquires please contact: mdavimos@wwexposure.com.


Also, check out Journey’s song ‘Open Arms’ just below on The Ellen Show recently.

And just for fun and to reminisce… Don’t Stop Believin!

Two main images from Live In Limbo and other collage images from social media.



  1. July 13, 2016 / 5:48 pm

    Whoahhh big time, Lorna!!!! Congrats on getting to do this! What an awesome idea, rock n’ roll and denim go hand in hand, but I’ve never seen a denim interview with a rockstar. This is awesome.

    xo Lana

    • Lorna
      July 13, 2016 / 6:07 pm

      So glad you like it, Lana! I’m definitely honoured to do it and speak to Arnel. So happy!! Thank you so much!

      • Elsie johnson
        July 13, 2016 / 9:35 pm

        Can you help convey two thoughts to Arnel and company? Haven’t received response to Arnel’s Facebook and will be attending their August 9 concert. I know this is a long shot. Thanks for your time.

        1. Please include more songs from their last two albums, fewer sp leftovers in the playlist.

        2. Sometimes sounds like Arnel is in competition with the instruments! Want to hear HIM! Check the sound man!

        • Lorna
          July 13, 2016 / 11:20 pm

          Hi Elsie,

          I’m sure it will be read by his team or Arnel himself, but thank you for leaving a comment. Hope you liked the interview!

          Edit – I have sent it on to Melissa and she’s passing it on to Arnel for you!

  2. Rebecca
    October 30, 2022 / 8:57 am

    This interviewed been posted for quite sometimes six years so sorry to make a comments only now year 2022. I hope still acceptable. Well anyways it did improve Arnel look at the stage tremendously credit to his stylish YuL Yes with Yul help as his stylist because who got times to focused of what you looks like at the stage when you’re to relax for be at the stage by relaxing your mind and body.That’s when YuL will came in to get him ready what needed for him to wear. YuL is doing an awesome job dressing up Arnel so he will looks good plus in a comfortable mannered specially when he likes to go AIRNELLING at the Stage. Both of you meant to be with one another keep up the good job YuL ??????????????

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