Selena Gomez Wears A Denim Jacket

The lovely Selena Gomez was seen visiting the Millwick Wedding Venue in Los Angeles, California to check out venues with a friend and her child (not pictured). We don’t seem to see her that much on the blog anymore as she’s gotten a lot more casual with her outfits and prefers to keep low key after suffering with anxiety and depression last year (we’re glad she’s doing better), but when we do spot Selena, she’s mostly wearing some form of denim!

For this outfit, Selena dressed up a super casual baggy sweat pants and graphic t-shirt combination with an embroidered, embelished and ripped up denim jacket, finished with some white sneakers. I haven’t seen this denim jacket anywhere online, so I’m not sure on the brand, and knowing Selena it could be anything as she has an eclectic mix of high and low denim brands. It’s definitely incredibly casual, but I think she makes it work.

I wasn’t sure how I felt about the denim jacket at first because the hemline is so torn and shredded, and I generally prefer the clean cut lines to make it more smarter, however, it’s unique and different. I think it works with the embroidery on it in the various locations, and because the denim jacket is long length, which suits the style, but I don’t know how I feel about it with this outfit in general. I think so many casual pieces paired together like this is a bit much for me, I’d prefer to keep the other pieces more fitted and classy to contrast against the style of the denim jacket, but those are my own preferences. What’s your opinion on that? Would you do the same or do you like how Selena is wearing it?

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Image Credit: Brewer/Vasquez / BACKGRID


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