Lady Gaga Wears Customized Joanne Star Print Jeans


Lady Gaga arrived at LAX Airport in Los Angeles, California to catch a flight out a couple of days ago. The singer looked quite happy as she made her way past the paparazzi in her customized outfit.

Lady Gaga wore an entire customized outfit, pairing together some painted and star patched jeans with the name of her self titled album (her own name) ‘Joanne’ which was also on her star print shirt. What a way to promote your album! She finished this intriguing outfit off with a cowboy hat, some sunglasses, and some metallic cowboy inspired silver boots.

I’m very used to Lady Gaga’s outfits being so outlandish and bold, so this one is very tame, which I find odd to myself because it’s still too bold for me to wear myself. It’s funny how our levels of boldness or tolerance are determined by the scale of what we have seen before isn’t it? Do you like it?

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Image Credit: GOME / AKM-GSI


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