Kim Kardashian Wears Custom Levi’s Denim Shorts


TV personality, Kim Kardashian, was seen out and about during New York Fashion Week in New York City last month. We are all sending our love out to Kim and her family after the Paris incident, so I hope she will be ok and not too scarred from the whole event. Such a dreadful thing to happen, especially to someone as high profile as she is.

For her outfit, Kim wore a pair of custom Levi’s Denim Shorts with a green satin bomber jacket and some black sandals. We have noticed Kim wearing denim shorts which she has cut to this length quite a few times now, so I wonder if she’s trying to bring this trend to life? I’m pretty sure we are going to be seeing knee length denim shorts for Summer now. I think the black version is great too as not many people often opt for black denim shorts!

How many of you are planning on cutting some of your old Levi’s jeans to the knees to rock shorts with a lot more modesty? Or is it a trend you were happy to leave back in the 90’s? I think Kim Kardashian made it incredibly stylish though with the way she put these pieces together for the entire outfit. It doesn’t look old or outdated in the slightest. I think it helps with the bomber jacket and sandals though, plus the Levi’s jeans shorts fit her very well.

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Image Credit: AKM-GSI


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