Hilary Duff Wears Flared Jeans


The lovely Jeans Blog regular, Hilary Duff, took her son Luca Cruz Comrie out to Beverly Glen Deli in Beverly Hills, California to have a sit down breakfast. He later spotted a customers dog and was happily stroking it while Hilary laughed.

For the day, Hilary wore a pair of mid blue flared jeans with an oversize black and white striped sweater. These jeans remind me an awful lot of the Stella McCartney Classic Blues 70’s Flares, which many people have thought they are, but when inspecting the details, they aren’t as the pockets on the front are different and so is the hemline, however, I know hemlines can have been re-hemmed since Hilary is shorter. Given the rest of the details though, they still don’t match up to any I have found.

So that leads me to handing this one over to you denim lovers that adore celebs in denim! What jeans do you think Hilary is wearing here? 10 points and a tweet goes out to the correct guesser! On a separate note, I love the outfit though. She always wears different cuts, brands, washes etc and never seems to have a go to or a particular style, which means seeing a denim outfit on Hilary is always fun!

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  1. Allison Porter
    April 15, 2018 / 3:14 pm

    She would look fabulous in a pair of retro American Eagle wide flare boyfit jeans, I STILL wear my old pair from 2005! They are THE comfiest jeans I’ve ever worn, even though they are a bit too long on me. The flare is 12 inches across/24 around, so the hem completely swallows my shoes. They drag on the floor when I wear any style of shoes, whether flats or a heel, but I’m short and I’ve given up on trying to not walk on them, so the hems are really frayed, about 3 inches of the back is shredded. When it rains I’m constantly hitching my pant legs up to try to have them stay dry, but that’s a losing battle also!

    • Allison Porter
      April 15, 2018 / 3:21 pm

      …and yes, I do trip over my long jeans sometimes. When my fiance and I were on our first date, I really embarrassed myself when i tripped on my jeans because I got my shoe caught in the other legs hem! My now-fiancee just laughed, and when he told me that he thought that really long jeans look good on chicks I wasn’t embarrassed to wear them anymore! (In fact, on our third date I tested him by wearing my really baggy overalls, knowing that if he didn’t mind me looking like a farm girl in oversized overalls, then it’s meant to be. Our engagement answers that question!)

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