Style Scrapbook Does High Street Double Denim Right


A lot of people struggle when it comes to denim on denim. There are some rules to follow and sometimes you are left wondering just how to wear double denim and get it right. Other than the really in depth post I wrote a while back, outlining all of the tips, I thought it would be great to show a look on a fashion blogger that generally broke all the rules and it still looks great!

Andy Torres from Style Scrapbook went all out on her double denim outfit, choosing a pair of ASOS jeans and a Zara denim shirt. Both pieces are from the high street so you need to ultimately make sure first and foremost that they fit well and are made of a good quality denim. The next rules are generally that you should have two or more different shades of denim in your outfit, so that they don’t clash, but Andy’s are both the same wash. Usually skinny jeans or denim shorts are preferred to create a flattering silhouette, but again, cropped boyfriend jeans were chosen here, so despite breaking all the rules, this look works!

Why does this double denim outfit work? I’m pretty sure it’s down to the accessories and the confidence. The same shade denim often reminds everyone of that memorable denim suit and dress combination that Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears wore back in the day, so that tarnished its reputation for a while, but because Andy wore some casual pieces and broke the colour up in the middle with a belt and scarf, then added some jewellery and some minimal heels, it gives the outfit enough colour and flare to work. Gorgeous!

Andy-Torres-Denim8 Andy-Torres-Denim7Andy-Torres-Denim4 Andy-Torres-Denim5


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