A Dream Pair Of Moussy Vintage Jeans

As you know, I’ve always admired the Japanese brand Moussy Vintage, from afar, and have always thought the washes on their jeans are incredible. They manage to get that authentic, vintage, lived in feel, from a brand new perspective. That’s incredibly hard to do, and most brands can’t get it right, but Moussy Vintage definitely do. So much so that I have fallen hard for this particular pair of jeans!

These are the Moussy Vintage Saluda Skinny Jeans in Blue, which just recently got released on Revolve, and aren’t they incredible? Usually their jeans are a 100% cotton denim, but these are a 99% cotton and 1% spandex blend, making them a lot more comfortable. They are a traditional 5 pocket style with a zip and button fly, with the measurements coming in at a 27″ inseam, a 9″ rise, and a 10″ leg opening. This is pretty much my favourite cut and measurements for a pair of jeans, so they sound absolutely perfect to me!

Getting to the wash though, which is what has me obsessed, how amazing is it? The whiskering on the lap, the faded thighs, the distressed areas, the honeycombs, even the impression of a phone in the back pocket has been rubbed into this wash and it’s jaw dropping. It would take you over a year to create something as beautiful as this masterpiece from a pair of raw jeans, so if you don’t have the patience, go with these!

The only down fall for me though is the price, they come in at $444 which is £340 in the UK, so they are extremely steep for premium denim, but I do understand why. To create something as amazing as this work of art, it takes time, and they only use the best Japanese denim, so it is justified, but unfortunately quite out of budget. Have any of you tried Moussy Vintage yet? I would love to know what your opinions on the brand are!

Buy these Moussy Vintage Jeans at Revolve.com



  1. rachelratz
    May 1, 2019 / 12:51 pm

    I pay a lot for jeans. For Frame & 3X1 & Rag & Bone I average over $250.00 for jeans. But I draw the line at $350.00 for jeans. This brand is the most expensive. Yeah, I know it’s Japanese denim. Their cotton is the best in the world, but I just won’t do it. I love them, but they don’t do sales. Moussey is cool but not for me.

    • Lorna
      May 1, 2019 / 4:31 pm

      That’s fair. Back in the day when premium denim became popular, I remember the most I spent on jeans was £298 for a pair of Rock & Republic jeans that you couldn’t get in many places. I would always buy second hand, but those I splurged on. I try to think, why is it justified in my head to spend so much on shoes and bags, but not jeans, ha ha.

    • JR
      August 24, 2020 / 3:53 am

      good for you!! I agree. I pay 225-245+ for Frame, Mother, sometimes even AG. I am not cheap but over 300 seems ridiculous for jeans given no other brands charge that much. Now, if you saw more brands charging that you might think it’s decent but no one else does. Regardless of how much money you have look at what other brands do. No one else wants to be in this price category.

  2. Brad
    May 1, 2019 / 3:11 pm


    • Lorna
      May 1, 2019 / 4:27 pm

      I haven’t seen this particular pair on there, have you?

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