Stylish Jeans For Fashionable Guys


There’s a new menswear online store on the scene which is purely dedicated to men who love to shop in a stylish and fashionable way. Differio New York launched last year and the store prides itself on selling a feeling rather than just clothing.

Believing it’s not what you buy that’s important, but how you feel after you have bought it and worn it, the store showcases their men’s jeans in the perfect way. Modelled with high fashion poses while on set to music, the jeans are styled to the nines so you really get a sense of what you are purchasing.

Differio set themselves apart from the masses by offering a more unique perspective on the menswear fashion industry by offering jeans from independent designers as well as branded names. Differio’s mission goes far beyond simply selling men’s clothes, they seek to inspire fashion lovers by being different. This is most evident in the lines carried.

I think it’s cool that they stock independent designers too, it gives them a chance to get known and be amongst the general branded labels like French Connection, St