6 Fun Jacquemus Bags To Liven Up Your Denim

6 Fun Jacquemus Bags To Liven Up Your Denim

For those of you not too familiar with Jacquemus bags, you might possibly remember when they came out with the mini (and I do mean mini) bags back in 2019 (see here), and they were all over the street style images of fashion week. Since then, the brand has brought out a lot more designs and they’ve made bigger versions, which I think are really cool. Jacquemus is one of the hottest brands at the moment and you will be seeing these bags a lot more over the coming months, if you aren’t already!

I know this is a jeans blog, but one thing I love when the summer comes around is accessorising my denim with bright bags and jewellery! It’s such a fun and lively vibe that I don’t think you can go wrong! And since Jacquemus release their beautiful bags in various sizes and styles, they come in an array of bright colours too! Most famously for this season: pink, orange, and blue! We also have the wicker style versions which are trending at the moment as well.

Can you just imagine wearing a pretty summer dress and a denim jacket layered over the top of it, with some cute wedges or flat sandals, then you jazz it up with a bright pink Jacquemus bag? That’s a cute look for the summertime! If you don’t want to mix too many colours though, an off white or beige pair of jeans and a similar neutral shade sweater would be the perfect base for one of their bright purses! Much like the main image above that I used in this blog post. I personally just ordered that bright pink one and I’m super excited to see how it looks in person! I hope you enjoy the warmer weather to come and have fun with these trending bags and your denim!

Le Chiquito Noeud Bag in Pink

Le Chiquito Long Bag in Orange

Le Chiquito Moyen Bag in Light Green

Le Chiquito Noeud Bag in Blue

Le Chiquito Bag in Dark Red

Le Chiquito Bag in Pink


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