Stella McCartney Embroidered And Stenciled Jeans

Embroidered Denim

Fun jeans have taken a back seat the past few seasons, but that didn’t stop Stella McCartney from bringing it back. The designer did what she does best and created a style that balanced masculine and feminine fun with each jean that she has come up with.

Whether it be subtle stars on denim to more lively styles, like an embroidered tiger or black bow on the side of jeans, Stella has taken homespun detailing in vintage fits to a level that only a few are able to accomplish without making jeans feel dated.

Embroidered jeans can often have a childlike appearance and can look immature when worn wrong, but dressing these up with a crisp button down and some heels can elevate it to a whole new level of chic. Embroidered jeans can bring a whole new meaning to a classic outfit that ordinary ones just can’t.

Embroidered Jeans

Embroidered Stella McCartney Jeans

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McCartney didn’t just stop with the embroidered denim either. The designer also did an update on the printed jeans by adding even more quirk to jeans than the embroidered styles embody. Unlike printed jeans of before, they are a new type of pretty.

The beauty is in the details of stencils like felines, metallic dots and stars that don’t take away from the denim. They are all in classic washes that have just been spruced up with life and will take the simple white button front to new territory. See some of the great styles that she has come up with below.

Stenciled Jeans

Stenciled Stella McCartney Jeans

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