Hottest Denim Trends for Men This Season

Denim is always in – the question is which styles are more trendy than others this season. Brands are always offering different takes on denim, especially this season, so you can mix up your look with something as simple yet impactful as a pair of jeans, as you know. One of the designers that always incorporates denim in their pieces is DSquared 2, as you can see in their latest collection, available in stores like Luisaviaroma. They’re a stylish brand, but here are some of the hottest denim trends for men this season:

Double Denim

What was once a fashion sin (in the early 2000’s) is a fashion trend today. Double up on denim the fashionable way and you can pull off a look that really works. The key is to pair different and contrasting shades of denim together, like this look Katie Holmes chose. Think light denim with black jeans or cream denim with dark jeans or black jeans. You can also go for a monotone denim look particularly with black denim. Pair a black denim jacket, black tea, black jeans and white sneakers for an effortless look.

Light Wash

We saw the stonewash back in the 1990s, and it is back. Especially if you are a fan of keeping it casual, this trend is for you. Keep your light wash jeans slim and add a pair of chukkas or suede desert boots and a plain t-shirt.

Workerwear Inspired

Denim got its start from workwear and practical applications by blue-collar workers. Playing up this inspiration and style is something that we have consistently seen to cycle back into denim trends and we are no stranger to seeing hammer loops and patches on denim. Whether it be a classic jean such as Levi’s or a denim jacket paired with trousers and a worker boot, you can play up the workwear inspired look for your own personal style.

Dad Jeans

‘Dad’ inspired fashion has been well engrained into fashion trends as of late, especially with the Dad shoe over the last couple of years. The ‘Dad’ jeans have been tagged as those loose-fitting denim jeans. Pair with other loose fitting clothing and casual wear for an easy day look.

Slim Jeans

We’ve seen oversized jeans and skinny jeans, but slim jeans are a timeless fit that should (hopefully) already be a part of your rotation. With a slim taper at the leg, this style jean looks great on guys with slimmer legs to begin with as they won’t drown your figure, but also look more polished in general. Slim jeans don’t need to be uncomfortable or rigid, and this cut is flattering and comfortable when you find the right fit. Pair with other fitted clothing and really whatever you want. A darker wash makes it easy to dress up with a button down and sneakers, or add a tee, overshirt and boots for a casual but sophisticated look.

These trends give you a baseline to go off to be creative and try out different jean styles. Jeans are a classic, but wearing the same style all the time can get a bit boring. So get creative and play around with some denim trends that suit your style!



  1. Al
    February 4, 2020 / 9:56 pm

    Most men who are over 30 and don’t have disposable income could care less about expensive designer jeans, that accounts for more than half of the population. Some of the jeans on the Luisaviaroma site are over five hundred bucks. And as it was brought up before about stretchy jeans, the curse of Elastane and or Spandex in mens denim has a home here too.
    One of the Luisaviaroma jeans have 8% Spandex, that would be like wearing a full body condom? Why don’t the designers just start making men wear rubber band weaved clothing? It may be trendy for teenage boys and young men under 30 to play the role of a fashion goo-rue if they have disposable income, but in the real world the average Joe the plumber cannot afford this role and many could care less anyway. If your an average man in good physical shape with a decent lean body mass you most likely will want to show off your goods in a pair of jeans that will do just that in a affordable, practical way.
    Wrangler does this with their 5 star Premium Regular flex fit Jeans They are priced at $24.99 — $26.99 Unfortunately the smallest waist size starts at 34. The Dark Indigo is a 75% Cotton 25% Polyester Blend in a 10.5 oz denim. The Light Blue is a 53% Cotton 47% Polyester. They also have a Wrangler Mens 5 star Premium “Mid weight” stretch jean at $24.99–$26.99 in one color, “Light Blue” this is a 80% Cotton 20% Polyester, the smallest waist size here starts at waist 32, they are a 10.75 oz denim. I can not find this model at Walmart but really haven’t looked at their entire stock. One might have to go directly to Wrangler or a Wrangler web site. I would have to say to any guy who wants to show off his stuff needs to be wearing 100% Cotton or a Cotton/Poly blend with NO spandex or Elastane in a light blue or other light color. Wrangler is one of the last manufactures that are still making such a blend of Cotton/Polyester without Spandex. That doesn’t mean Wrangler doesn’t use Spandex, they too have many styles of jeans with Spandex, it is these two models that DO NOT HAVE Spandex, they are affordably priced, I only wish they came in a waist size 30. What’s great about a Cotton/Poly blend without Spandex is they have just enough give in them to allow some flex and they will stay conformed to your body without stretching out of shape, they can also be dried in the dryer at high temperatures without breaking down like denim with Spandex. I like the traditional practical brands like Wrangler, and Wrangler has replaced my old standard Levi’s — because I don’t like the politics of the Levi’s Corporation. And even Levi’s no longer make a Cotton/Polyester blend without adding Elastane. My favorite pair of old Levi’s is a pair of 514 Welders Levi’s in light blue –they have what appears to be functional rear pocket flaps, but the flaps are faux and yet the pocket is still functional. These Levi’s are 54% Cotton/46% Polyester, they conform to my body without stretching out of shape, they are a snug fit, yet I still can bend and have some movement and they feel good against my body, without feeling like a rubber band.
    Most men don’t understand the fabric content label and most men don’t even look at it, they assume denim is denim. In this world today Men must learn to look and read the contents label of the denim. Yet for other men with a large bank account and bucks to throw away, by all means buy the five hundred dollar jeans, if that suits your fancy.

  2. Tim
    February 10, 2020 / 2:10 am


    I feel your pain. The inclusion of spandex and its tendency to stretch out makes it tricky to find a reasonably priced pair of quality jeans. Yes, you could buy premium jeans with better stretch fabrics but that can be out of the price range for most people. A solution I’ve found that works is that you need to visit a retail store and try pair after pair until you find something that works.

    If you are in the USA, brands and/or retailers that I’ve grown to rely on are:

    1) GAP – the quality of their latest offerings are really good. The bulk of their fabric does have 2% or so spandex. Their “Soft Wear” line also includes polyester and may meet your requirements. I’ve found their slim fits and slim-straight fits to be great for everyday wear. I size it for a snug fit for a bit of give which really minimizes extreme stretch out. Given the number of promotions that the GAP has, it is almost unheard of to pay list price.

    2) If price is the overriding factor, you need to give American Eagle and Express jeans a try. Both retailers still maintain a presence in the remaining shopping malls as well as on-line

    3) Beyond Wranglers, you may wish to consider LEE Jeans which are available in multiple department stores and LL Bean which has moderately priced 100% cotton jeans in multiple fits.

    I hope this helps. Good luck…the jeans you are looking for are out there, you just have to dig deep to find them.

  3. Slimforthewin
    February 25, 2020 / 1:23 pm

    Can you guys do some new atrticles on spray on jeans? There are a lot of newer brands such as JKattire who are doing spray on jeans and I’d love some new recommendations on some and how to style them etc

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