5 Men’s Accessories To Complement Your Denim

Now that it’s Summer, wearing our denim becomes more of a novelty as the temperatures can often be too hot to be covering your legs in jeans. In my opinion, this means that when we do get a chance to put on our favourite skinnies, we want to make the most of it! The Summer months are the perfect time for using accessories as you have minimal clothing, you’re not layering, and it can really add those extra elements of interest to an otherwise plain ensemble. Check out my top 5 accessories for men, to complement your denim right now, here on The Jeans Blog!

A Watch

Now this might seem like an every day item that you would wear anyway, which is fantastic, but a cool watch really helps elevate a simple jeans and t-shirt look! Especially if you have something other than a smart watch, and you wear a more classic timepiece. I would say that gunmetal is a fantastic colour for a man’s watch! Since other men’s jewellery and hardware (like the rivets and buttons on jeans) tend to be silver, gunmetal is a much more complementary tone than gold, and it will look masculine and cool at the same time. Bigger faces/dials and a chunky chain strap often do the job at making a statement on a plain outfit, so definitely consider a watch as an accessory to experiment with!

A Bracelet

Much like a watch, a silver or gunmetal toned bracelet works wonders with your jeans and t-shirts! It’s one way to elevate the entire look and look effortless in the process. You can experiment with chain link bracelets (like the one above) or you can try out some rope/cord versions as well, but try to keep it a little simple. Don’t wear more than 2-3 on your wrist at a time. If you want to make it a little more bold, you can wear a bracelet on the same wrist as your watch, just to add a cooler element to the overall vibe!

A Belt

Not all guys like to wear a belt with their jeans, and that’s totally fine, as it does tend to make the outfit a little more dressier than you intended. However, if you go for a more rustic or worn in looking belt, and you wear a broken in tee with it, it’s a fantastic look that is really simple. A basic jeans and t-shirt combination is completely transformed by this, especially if you do a half tuck of your tee at the front. If you do want to go a little more classy though, a nice black and silver belt looks fantastic on some dark black skinny jeans, with a cool viscose style shirt tucked in! Classy, yet edgy! I love it!

Some Rings

Now rings are not for every guy. I know some men who don’t like wearing them, but they can really spice up a Summer outfit! They just add a lot of edge and effortless vibes to a simple look, and I love it. Not to mention they make you look cooler! If you want to add some rings, you can wear a few different ones, along with a watch and bracelets to go all out (which looks amazing), or you can just wear a couple. I’d stick to silver or dark silver for the metal choice, as it will complement your outfit.

A Wallet Chain

A wallet chain can be a little controversial, as it’s in a particular niche when it comes to style, but they can look really cool! You don’t have to be a skate boarder, have emo style, or be a laborer to wear a wallet chain! They look pretty cool with a simple tee and jeans, especially if the jeans are black. But like I said, they aren’t for everyone, so if you’re not feeling it, just stick to the others!

What accessories do you love wearing in the Summer to complement your jeans?

Images courtesy of Pinterest & Nordgreen.


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