5 Faded Black Jeans To Try For Men For Fall

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The right pair of black jeans is already a task on its own for anyone. Whether it is the depth of the color, the fit, or even the minor details that each pair has, they can be hard to find that perfect style. Faded black has become another mission in itself for us men though.

When it comes to faded black jeans, the list in what to look for can be very similar to a worn-in pair of blues. You want to look for something that has a natural approach to them, not too heavy on distressing, one that doesn’t have strong fading, and heavy whiskering is always a no. By keeping this in mind, you’ll be able to add an edgy aspect to your look that a clean pair of black jeans won’t. I have rounded up 5 of the hottest faded black jeans that are out at the moment for men here on The Jeans Blog, so check them out below!

Faded Black Jeans

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