15 Weird & Wonderful Fashion Week Ready Jeans


Marques Almeida | Ports 1961 | Bless | ASHISH | Fendi

As Fashion Month is in full swing at the moment after having said goodbye to New York and hello to London, I thought it might be a good idea to put a fun and quirky post together for Fashion Week ready denim! As I’m sure you have seen, when it comes to street style during this hectic month of September, there’s no shortage of denim in any form, but one thing we do notice is how extravagant and bold the designs get, especially when it comes to jeans.

We have seen everything from a wide trouser flare, a huge cuff, sequins, embroidery, lots of buttons, strange and wonderful fits, printing… The list is endless, but anything is but ordinary in the street style stars closets. When you have to stand out from everyone else in order to get photographed during Fashion Week, there’s no point in wearing something simple and minimal is there? Go as loud as you like and that’s why these 15 Fashion Week ready jeans choices are the perfect option to get the look of the fashion goddesses.

I’ve selected the brands that I know a lot of them love to wear, from Balmain, Vetements, and Marques Almeida to ASHISH, Fendi, and DL1961, with everything in between. There is a whole range of jeans, some on the more subtle side of crazy, while others are fully out there being emblazoned with sequins. You can also check out how some of the street style stars have worn their denim below as well, it might give you some styling options. Do you like any of these 15 jeans here? Let me know!


Chimala | Balmain | Edit | Alexander McQueen | Aalto


Junya Watanabe | Vetements | Topshop | Christopher Kane | Rag & Bone



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