SEP Men’s Skinny Jeans Denim Review

SEP Skinny Means Jeans Denim Review

I first found out about SEP Jeans when I started seeing their cool skinny jeans on some of my favorite style icons on Instagram, like You Can’t Quit Me Baby, among others, and I thought their jeans really fitted the rockstar aesthetic that I’m a huge fan of. SEP is a denim brand from Thailand, and their jeans are distressed, skinny, and classic, all at the same time, so check out my review on this white pair. I’ve also got some great detailed shots of the Remake126 Skinny in Blue, below!

Cut/Fit – These Vegas White Ripped Skinny Jeans are a classic, higher rise skinny men’s jean. The rise measurement is 10.5″, the inseam is 32.75″, and the leg opening is 6.25″. These fit really nicely with the inseam this length, lending to a little stacking at the ankle. The rise is just right too, it’s not overly high, which is good as I tend to prefer a lower rise on my jeans.

Sizing – I would say that these jeans run fairly true to size, if not a little bit big. I’m mostly a size 33 in jeans and I took a 34 in these, as they don’t have in-between sizes, and due to the high amount of stretch, I could definitely take a 33 for a bit more of a snug fit, if they made it. I’m 6ft tall and 170 pounds, but I think white skinny jeans look better a little looser anyway, as it’s more casual. The waistband is a bit loose and if I was to be wearing them all night, I’d have to pull them up a few times, but a 33 would fit just right, so that’s why I say they’re true to size.

Denim/Comfort – The comfort level on these Vegas White Ripped Skinny Jeans is amazing though! They’re super stretchy, which gives them a very comfortable fit. I can sit, bend, drive, and there’s no issues. A lot of the time men’s jeans can be really restricting, but these are a pleasure to wear as the stretch is incredible! I’d say they’re a medium weight denim, and for the price, you can’t really pick any fault with it.

Wash/Details – These are a classic bright white, which isn’t see through, as it’s a thicker fabric, and they have some frayed edges on the hemline, as well as two knee rips that fit perfectly at my knees. There’s not a huge amount of details on these jeans as they’re simple and plain, so aside from the classic 5 pocket detailing, there’s a little leather patch on the back of the waistband, and plain pockets. I’ve wanted a pair of white skinny jeans with rips for a long time, but finding the perfect pair (trying to replicate a Carl Lentz outfit) had been proving incredibly difficult!

Price – SEP is a Thai brand as I mentioned above, so these Vegas White Ripped Skinny Jeans retail for 2090 THB, which equals $62 at the current exchange rate. I think that’s an amazing price for such cool jeans that have a nice quality to them! Usually we’re spending around $200 on jeans, so it’s nice to have a lower price tag on a pair of really cool jeans!

Overall Opinion – I rate these jeans a 9 out of 10, as I think they’re extremely cool looking! A bright white pair of skinny jeans with knee rips, for $62, that are comfortable and stretchy? What more could you ask for really? My only issue would be that I would love for them to come with shorter inseams as well, for those of us who don’t love stacking. And for those of you interested in my boots, I’m wearing the Saint Laurent Nut Lukas.

Click here to buy these jeans online at SEP Official

Here are some laid flat shots of these jeans for you too!

Below, here we have the Remake216 Skinny Root, also in size 34. I wanted to show how cool these jeans are in flat images so that you can see the wash properly. It’s a blue with faded, sandy undertones to it, and 3 rips on the legs. I think the dirtiness that they have on them is ideal. The inseam is a lot longer on these jeans though, so they stack quite a lot, as part of the style. If you’re taller, these will work great for you, but if you’re on the shorter side, the stacking might be too much. These retail for around $62 as well, and look great with boots! The rise is 12″, the inseam is 34.75″, and the leg opening is 6.5″. So which pair is your favorite out of the two?

Click here to buy these jeans at SEP Official

*Jeans courtesy of SEP, opinions all my own.



  1. AL
    August 14, 2021 / 11:56 pm

    Sorry younger generation, but I think these jeans by SEP really suck. I know I’m an old man of 56 and I commented before about the negitive issues associated with putting Spandex in Denim. The model wearing these white SEP jeans with torn knees hardly appears to me to show what I would call a “Rockstar Aesthetic” His profile and frontal shot has No visible bulge of his anatomy, the faux Denim on his butt looks like a sausage casing ready to start sliding down his torso when he starts moving around a stage. It’s technically NOT denim if it is not 100% Cotton. The manufacturers who push this fraud on the consumer should be made accountable. It is tons cheaper to manufacturer a faux Denim instead of the real thing. Its just like a faux mink vs. real fur. And to pay $2,090.00 for a pair of these makes me absolutely sick!! If you want to see what a rear “Rockstar Aesthetic” looks like, look at full length photos of Mick Jagger and Robert Plant in the 1970’s. And they wore 100% Cotton, real Denim! Because Spandex was never even considered to be mixed with Cotton, because Science still used common sense!
    I now have over 200 hundred pairs of quality used 100% Cotton Denim Jeans with Real Rockstar Aesthetic and every one cost me less than 20 bucks a pair. Eat your heart out Mick Jagger!! Considering the cost of just one pair of the Faux Jeans you endorsed, one could feed thousands, put someone needy in a used car, put a new roof on an old house or repair a leaky basement wall. Faux Denim Sucks!!

    • Lu
      August 15, 2021 / 4:28 pm

      That 2090 number is actually in Thailand baht currency and works out to be about $62

      • AL
        August 15, 2021 / 9:45 pm

        Thank you for correcting me there, I never heard of a pair of $2000 jeans, if so, they should come with a Gold button . 62 U.S. bucks is more tolerable, but to pricy for my taste, because they don’t strike my fancy. I just have a huge problem with the Sausage Casing look that seems to eventually slide down the torso, it’s sloppy and seems to be the standard look of every faux Denim mens jean.

    • August 19, 2021 / 4:53 pm

      Wow, you definitely have an opinion when it comes to denim, ha ha. Manufacturers make denim these days with stretch because it’s much more comfortable, and less restrictive/damaging to your body. 100% cotton jeans, worn skin tight, are extremely uncomfortable and the majority of people don’t like this anymore. Hence why everyone puts stretch in their denim, which doesn’t make it faux denim, it’s still denim. It does not have to be 100% cotton to be denim. I think these jeans look great on him and are the perfect skinny fit, combined with comfort to wear them all day.

      P.S. – Rockstar aesthetic doesn’t mean walking around with jeans so tight that you’re bulging, it’s a style, meaning skinny jeans, certain types of boots, cool shirts, leather jackets, jewellery etc. How the modern rockstar aesthetic is. And yes, like the other guy said in the comment, and Christen wrote in the article, it’s about $62, as it’s Thai money.

      • AL
        August 20, 2021 / 1:42 am

        The Webster’s Dictionary definition of Denim: A firm durable twilled usually cotton fabric woven with colored warp and white filling threads. The Wikipedia definition of Denim: Denim is a cotton warp-faced textile in which the weft passes under two or more warp threads.
        Both definitions give credibility to the association of Cotton with the word Denim in a traditional sense. And though Cotton Denim can be mixed with other textiles, i.e. Spandex to give it stretch– at that point– it is now technically “Stretch Denim”, the verb “Stretch” is added before the word Denim to respect the traditional meaning of the word Denim. These bastardized fabric blends can be more “comfortable” , depending on a person’s likes and dislikes. However, the blends are not always as durable as 100% cotton. Furthermore,
        “comfort” is a marketing ploy, just like when front wheel drive cars were reintroduced in the 1980’s. The front drives were cheaper to manufacturer and we’re touted to mid-westerners as being so much better in snowy conditions. The car manufacturers needed to make up for financial loss because people were not buying large gas gusseling cars. So they capitalized on the mark-up on every sale of a front wheel drive car during a depressed sales glut, and pushed the product any way possible, including the safety standpoint, but in reality the front wheel drive car doesn’t preform any better in snowy conditions. Likewise, because the cotton industry is under much pressure from left wing environmental groups the costs associated with mass Cotton production has skyrocketed. 100% Cotton Denim used for jeans has been greatly impacted. The marketing ploy of “comfort” works well on newer generations such as yourself who appreciate comfort.
        In reality the manufacturers could care less about anyone’s “Comfort” as long as they are able to successfully sell a product to the masses and pocket profits. Just remember an old saying “somebody always has a better mousetrap” Fortunately “comfort” was never really a selling point necessary to appease previous generations like myself. I want my jeans to be strong and tough, I want them to breath, and if I don’t feel them hugging my nuts and riding up my butt, frankly I get no thrill. I’ve been wearing my jeans this way since I was a teen without an under garment, I keep myself very clean, I keep my denim clean and never have any health related issues from wearing tight jeans. In the winter I wear jeans 2 sizes larger with long cotton underwear depending on the weather. I was never a clothing critic or jean literate until I started to see my loved ones enter the house with jeans falling off their butt showing their underwear– because this is a generational style shift. Also, it became increasingly difficult to locate and buy my favorite jeans because the modern generation is to busy buying Stretch Denim. We all have our opinions, likes and dislikes, I appreciate your blog and hope you don’t find me to opinionated. Take care of your stretch jeans and remember they last longer with line drying.

        • August 23, 2021 / 1:25 pm

          The fact that these people have jeans falling down and hanging off their butt means the jeans are too big and ill fitting, not suited to their body. It isn’t because of the stretch. My jeans never fall or slide down and show my underwear, neither do anyone I know unless they’re clearly wearing sizes too big, so that’s just poor sizing and a jean that doesn’t suit the wearers body type. And yeah, always line/air dry stretch denim, as the heat from a dryer can damage the elasticity. I have a whole blog post dedicated to washing/drying denim.

          • AL
            August 24, 2021 / 4:02 am

            Your getting my points of concern all mixed up.
            I never suggested that Jeans falling off the butt was due to the fabric type, if said jeans are being worn by young urban males who think it is cool to show their underwear because they think they are a hip hop artist. This is strictly a male issue, not a female issue, so your views are only through your observations, not how your Denim fits or doesn’t fit. It started with the male hip hop, rap artist movement and though it is not as popular as it once was, — I still see it frequently enough in urban settings. It can be any fabric and any style of pants. It is not just poor sizing as you suggest, it is done on purpose by the wearer to show their worship to their music idol.
            However, in a round about way now that you have me thinking about it, in my generation we young men wanted to emulate rock artists such as Robert Plant, so I guess It is nothing new under the sun. In my day it was tight Denim showing off our bulges and muscles, in the hip hop era it’s pants falling off showing ones underwear.
            Now as to skinny jeans for men. I own several pairs of skinny jeans, but all mine are older versions that are 100% Cotton. I like the old Levis the best, Slim Straight are better for me than the Skinny, but I can fit into the Levis Skinny 100% Cotton too. A few pairs of the American Eagle brand I ended up making shorts out of because after washing I just could not get them over my legs anymore. Unfortunately all the manufacturers have stopped making men’s 100% Cotton versions of Skinny Jeans.
            I tried the 2% Spandex Strechy Denim in the skinny jeans, they do not keep me aroused much because rather then pulling against my male anatomy and holding it place when needed, which I prefer, they (the Strechy Denim) that you love so much, has a tendency to give and stretch against male anatomy, this makes for very dull day. After a few hours in Strechy Denim, the sausage casing look of Strechy Denim starts to develop in the center upper butt crack by the tailbone. After a few more hours the streched out over worked Denim creeps down the butt, creating a sort of pocket of air. the Strechy Denim starts to not necessarily fall off the butt (to save me from my critique of hip hop pants) but the Strechy Denim sure does have a tendency to slide down the torso, while 100% Cotton does not. I hope that this is alittle more clear for you by now. By the way, when your done with a pair of Strechy Denim I used mine as a pull toy for my dog. Though it rips up much quicker than a 100% Cotton because it certainly is not as durable as a 100% Cotton,– home made pull toy, it’s funny to see the Dog and myself in a tug of war getting pulled about the house by a pair of Strechy Denim jeans.

  2. August 15, 2021 / 11:50 am

    Great article!

    I think skinny jeans is one of those garments that should be present in every man’s wardrobe. They’re very versatile and perfect for anyone – tall or short men. They’re very versatile too!

    Stay safe and cool!


    • August 19, 2021 / 4:49 pm

      Yeah, I agree with you!

      • Lu
        August 20, 2021 / 10:10 am

        I’m with you on skinny jeans! It’s a look that might be more suited for thin guys and less so if too muscular. Modern fabric technology has made them amazingly comfortable tho like the racer with spacial coating by Citizens of Humanity.

        • August 23, 2021 / 1:21 pm

          Yeah! Those are really cool! It’s amazing to wear super stretchy jeans for comfort, and they cling to your body in the right places with no organ displacement and blood circulation cut off!

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