GRLFRND Candice Skinny Jeans in Love Hangover Review


GRLFRND Candice Super Stretch Skinny Jeans in Love Hangover Review

There’s a new denim brand on the scene which just launched exclusively on REVOLVE this month called GRLFRND. I never know what to expect from new denim brands as working in the denim industry, I see them come and go all the time, so I don’t often pay much attention to them or think they will be that good. I am pleased to say that’s not the case with GRLFRND though and I am becoming obsessed with them! So much so that I couldn’t wait to do this review for you after testing them out!

Fit: So these jeans are called the GRLFRND Candice Super Stretch Skinny Jeans in Love Hangover and they are literally that, a super stretchy, lightweight skinny jean. They feature a mid to higher rise of 9 inches, an inseam of 29.5 inches (it’s not 26″ like the website says) and a leg opening of around 9 inches, so you can see they are a classic, higher rise skinny jean which is extremely flattering and fitting. Despite the inseam being too long for me, I love everything about the fit of these. I’m probably going to hem them or just keep tucking them under like I am currently doing.

One thing I always look for as you all know by now is the placement of the back pockets and these are absolutely perfect! They aren’t too big or too small and they are placed perfectly apart to enhance the butt and give it a rounder appearance. The bottom of the back pockets hit just above the crease of where your butt cheeks meet your thigh, so I’m happy about that.

Sizing: I took a size 27 in these as I wasn’t sure how they ran, and since I am between a 26-27, I thought the larger size would probably be better just in case they ran small. I could definitely have gotten away with a 26 as I would say they run quite similar to 7 For All Mankind or AG, so for this particular pair with a lot of stretch, go with your normal or smaller size and you should be just fine. These fit extremely comfortably for me, they don’t give me muffin top and they are only a bit loose, but sometimes I love jeans that are just so comfortable I find myself reaching for them constantly, so even though they are a little bit big, it doesn’t stop me loving them and wearing them constantly.

Denim: The denim is extremely soft and lightweight. It feels so smooth and soft on the skin, it’s almost like it has a satin in it, even though it’s just a 98% cotton and 2% elastane blend. It’s beautifully soft against my legs, it doesn’t itch or irritate in any way and it’s so stretchy it’s literally a joy to wear. I’ve worn these about 4 times now and for the entire day and not felt uncomfortable once in them. I’ve worn them for a 2 hour car journey as well and they were nothing but a pleasure to wear, much like leggings. So in terms of the denim of these, it’s absolutely amazing and you will love it if you try it.

Wash: The Love Hangover wash is a faded (almost greyish in some parts) black wash with two slits at the knees. These slits (as you can see from the photos) go straight across the knees and also feature vertical cuts on them in a couple of places to make them split open a bit more. I know sometimes knee slashes can be tight and a bit uncomfortable for some people, but because of the vertical cuts on this pair, you wont have that trouble, especially not combined with the stretch of the denim. This type of distressed black wash is ideal for those casual, dress down days and it goes with literally everything that I’ve decided to pair them with so far, so it’s extremely versatile.

Details: When it comes to the details of these GRLFND jeans, they are extremely minimal in every way you can imagine. They are plain all over and the only branding you will find is the little leather patch and their stamped button, that’s it. These jeans are ideal for everyone who loves simplicity, no over-branding and just a simple pair of jeans. That’s what makes me love them more, the fact that they have focused on the fit, the denim and their love for jeans in general and not wanted to over shadow that with logos, stitching and more.

Overall Opinion: I’m sure you can tell from my review already that I am obsessed with these jeans and for a new denim brand, I’m definitely raving about them so far! I can’t wait to try out more of their styles and share them with you actually. The fit is perfect despite being slightly loose, but that’s a sizing issue. The denim is luxuriously soft and so comfortable. The knee slits hit me in the right place even though the inseam is too long for me, which is a bonus. The back pockets are nicely placed and they are simple, so I can’t fault them. GRLFRND is a new denim brand that I have fallen in love with and might even go as far as saying it is actually ‘my new girlfriend’ ha ha. There’s nothing besides a little bit of hemming that could make these more perfect for me right now!

Buy these GRLFRND Jeans online exclusively at REVOLVE for $210


Buy these GRLFRND Jeans online exclusively at REVOLVE for $210


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