Denim Review: Diesel Krooley 800B Jogg Jeans


Today I will be sharing my opinion and views on the Diesel Krooley Jogg Jeans in 800B. They were actually my first foray into Jogg Denim Jeans, I was very unconvinced about the merging of sweat pants with denim jeans, but after some thinking and persuasion, I decided it was time to bite the bullet and try them.

When I first got this particular pair, I was blown away by how soft they were to touch, how easy they were to pull up and how comfortable they were to wear! After just trying them on for the first time, I was sold on the jogg Jeans idea! It was however strange not having a button to do up or even the need to use the zip, but instead these have a drawstring.

This is actually the main drawback to this particular cut, as I find the drawstring just doesn’t look right hanging down, in fact I have in the past tucked it in, so to most it appears like a standard pair of jeans. I believe it is just Krooley, Narrot and a few Tepphar which have them as other Jogg Jean cuts have button closures.

The 800B wash is really beautiful, a nice mid to light blue which goes well with most outfits.It’s faded in the authentic looking areas like the thighs, calves and around the back pockets, but darker in areas which wouldn’t get so much natural wear. It’s definitely more of a casual wash that looks better with t-shirts and high tops than it does dressed up.

I’ve since owned about 6-7 pairs of Jogg Jeans and it does seem that after the release of these Krooley, they have changed the material somewhat. I’ve not had a pair since that were anywhere near as comfortable as these. My other pairs are much closer to the feel of denim.

This older material comfort however comes at a price, in that they stretch very easily and fast. They fit really loose now and unfortunately look rather sloppy. I would advise sizing down from your normal Jogg size, it won’t take long to stretch them out! Perhaps this is the reason Diesel changed how they were made and made the fabrication a little more sturdy so they don’t lose their shape so much.

Getting to the actual fit of the jeans, the Krooley cut has a slight carrot fit, which tapers down the leg and is also much more relaxed in the seat area which again adds to the extra comfort.
The leg length is more or less true to size, and provides a small amount of bunching in this wash. It’s a very casual jean fit, slouchy and comfortable, but the tapering at the ankle keeps them from looking too sloppy.

To round things up though, these are still one of my favourite pairs of jeans and if they hadn’t stretched out so much I would be still wearing them regularly. But I still find that Joggs in the Thavar cut are overall the best, partly down to fit and also that there is a button fastening! With that being said though, I definitely recommend Jogg Jeans to though of you looking to try something a lot more comfortable and easy wearing than regular denim! You can buy similar pairs online at Diesel, Yoox and ASOS.




  1. Tobias Eide
    September 21, 2020 / 2:36 am

    I loved my diesel jogg jeans “thavar-ne” but after owning them just a few months and wearing them a handful of times the waist now measures 100cm for a W32.

    Are there any jogg type jean brands that retain there waist size over time?

    • September 24, 2020 / 10:05 pm

      Yeah, they do stretch out a very large amount! It’s unfortunate. I’m not sure if there’s any jogg jeans that don’t stretch out, but you could try PAIGE Transcend denim, they have a really soft fabric, but they don’t stretch.

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