American Eagle Strigid Mom Jeans Denim Review

American Eagle Strigid Mom Jeans Review

My newest review is on the American Eagle Strigid Mom Jeans in Blue Breeze! I picked these up when I was in the United States a few months ago, along with another pair, and I’ve been wearing them a lot lately, so I thought I would share a denim review for you all! Let me know if you have any questions! I know I’m stepping away from the usual skinny jeans reviews that I do for you all. Enjoy!

The Sizing – I just want to clarify for those of you who regularly read my denim reviews, I have lost a lot of weight recently. I used to be around 140-144 pounds when I was doing my reviews for a while, but I am now down to 133 pounds so I’m taking smaller sizes in jeans, but I will still tell you if something runs big, small or is true to size. So for these American Eagle Strigid Mom Jeans, I took a size US 4 and they fit pretty true to size in my opinion. The other reviews on the website say true to size as well, so if you’re used to American Eagle, take your normal size! If you aren’t, I’d say a US 4 is about a 27.

These are higher waisted and feature an 11.75″ rise, and they also have a 13.5″ leg opening, as they’re a mom jean and not a skinny jean. I took the XS inseam because for me, learning how to style mom jeans for short women is key! It’s so important to have them cropped and slim, so the ankle shows. The inseam on these is around 24″ in length on the XS. But they do also come in short, regular, long and extra long! Which is what I love about American Eagle! How amazing is that?

The Fit – The fit of these American Eagle Strigid Mom Jeans is very much like the regular mom jeans that they offer – high-waisted with a tapered, ankle-skimming cropped leg. These sit at the natural waist, they are slim through the top of body and relaxed through the leg. The back pockets are placed in a flattering position, and the overall fit is a flattering, tapered silhouette of a mom jean.

The Wash/Denim – The wash is called Blue Breeze and it’s very reminiscent of the 80’s vintage Levi’s jeans with a classic, faded light blue wash. There’s minimal whiskering at the lap area, and some fading through the thighs and butt, so I’d say that it is very much a classic! I love it!

Now moving onto the best part – the denim composition! Strigid means they are rigid in the front. Stretchy in the back. Magic all over with innovative 50/50 construction! How cool is that to be made from rigid denim at the front to give you the vintage look of 100% cotton, but the stretchy comfort and ease of stretch jeans at the back so when you sit and move, it’s nothing but comfortable? They also have American Eagle’s famous comfort stretch waistband for extra comfort! The composition says 95% Cotton, 5% Recycled Cotton, so I’m not sure where the stretch comes in, but they definitely are stretchy at the back! It’s wonderful!

The Details – With American Eagle, there’s never a huge amount of details, but that’s what I love about them. They have the simple leather patch on the back, the classic American Eagle signature stitching on the back pockets, and that’s about it! They are super minimal and simple, and that’s wonderful.

The Price – These Strigid Mom Jeans retail at $49.95 which is already an amazing price for jeans, but they are always on sale and are currently $44.95. I usually find 20% off coupons and discounts for American Eagle though, so you can get these for a lot cheaper. This is one reason I love this brand. They come out with some really cool, innovative jeans. Yes the denim might not be as good as premium denim, but in terms of designs and fit, I like these more than I do a lot of premium jeans actually.

Overall Opinion – My overall opinion of these jeans is really high! I’d probably give them a 9.5 out of 10. I love the slim silhouette. I love the inseam length. I love the pockets. I like the wash. The denim could be of a better quality, but for what I paid (under $30), you can’t complain. These are a must have! I own the dark blue wash with ripped out knees too (see here) and I highly recommend them as well! Have any of you tried the Strigid Mom Jeans? I hope you enjoyed the review!

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