Thermal Denim For Winter From EXIT 127

Thermal Denim For Winter From EXIT 127

As the winter is almost upon us, for those of us who live in a colder climate or a country that has the 4 seasons, jeans can sometimes feel really cold on our skin. I know I have issues with my stretchy jeans not providing enough warmth in the colder months and my legs end up freezing. I usually try and layer my denim with leggings underneath, but what if a denim brand actually came along that made thermal jeans so you don’t have to do that?

EXIT 127 has done just that! Lloyd Hervey II is a co-founder of the brand (alongside Harvell Howard) and is the visionary and design side of the duo, his primary focus is on strategic direction, brand management, and product distribution. We caught up with him to find out more about the brand, EXIT 127, and what makes the jeans unique and different to the rest on the denim market at the moment. Jeans that actually keep you insulated and warm sound fantastic to me! Click here to go to the brand’s website and check out their Instagram @Exit_127.

The Jeans Blog – So how did you come up with the brand? What inspired you?

EXIT 127 – The brand EXIT 127 came about through a poem I wrote in undergrad. It was about my hometown and how easy it is to get comfortable and settle unless we have the courage and mindset to spread our wings beyond places of familiarity.

As I prepared for graduate school in Chicago, IL, I was leaving home for the first time and going to a place where low temps were the norm. I found myself layering up quite frequently to stay warm and it took so much time taking the layers of clothes on and off throughout the day. I decided to figure out a way to combine the layers with the jeans in order to save time. As a result, our thermal denim brand was born.

Can you tell us about your concept?

The concept behind our thermal denim is all about style, comfort, and functional fashion. The raw denim creates a classic look perfect for casual outings and you can add a sports jacket and transform the look into something more semi-formal.

We’re leveraging fashion as a means to promote social change through self-awareness, internal values, and intellectual independence.

Thermal jeans are something we all need in winter, what makes them thermal?

These jeans have thermal insulation lined within the waist of each pair. The thermal aligns closely along the legs, keeping out drafts of wind while maintaining warmth and comfort as you go about your day.

How did you come up with the right fabrics to create thermal jeans?

It was just a matter of combining the two existing fabrics of denim and thermal. I’m always one to layer up in the winter. So I would put on thermals or shorts underneath my jeans just to stay warm. However, this excessive layering also created an unwanted bulky look. With our Thermal Denim, you do not have to spend extra time in your room layering up. Just put them on and take off!

At the moment you offer indigo/black, will you be expanding the range with different colours and fits?

Yes. We’ll be expanding our range with different colors and fits, starting with a black denim/black thermal combination. We will then move to a stone-washed denim and camouflage denim. These options are projected to be produced next fall.

Will you also be doing women’s at some point too?

Yes. We’re not going to leave the ladies out! We have a designer working on a few concepts and we plan to launch our women’s line next fall. The key is making sure the denim fits the hip area perfectly. We also plan to leverage elastic material to enhance the “fitted look” and add patches of leather and thermal in certain sections within the jean to enhance its personality.

What type of person would you say your jeans are ideal for?

Anyone who is looking for a quality, durable, and functional jean that’s comfortable, warm, and stylish. They can also be worn in both the office and social settings.

Can you tell us about your history with denim? What makes you love it?

I’ve been wearing denim ever since my mom used to sew knee pads on my jeans when I was a kid. I would always run around and end up getting holes in them from playing outside.

Denim is a classic look. That’s what I love about it. It can never go out of style and you have flexibility when it comes to style arrangements.

And for fun, how many jeans do you own?

About 7 Pairs!

Lastly, please add anything else you’d love our readers to know!

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  1. Darrick
    November 21, 2017 / 1:29 am

    Myself and IBF Boxing Welterweight Champion Errol Spence Jr. Has a pair of these amazing jeans. I highly recommend this product…

    Darrick D. Rose

    • Lorna
      November 21, 2017 / 2:03 am

      Thanks for letting us know!

  2. November 22, 2017 / 7:52 pm

    If I have it right, thermal underwear/leggings are sewn into the jeans around the waistband but are separate from them in the rest of the garment. So, when you take them off, the leggings are pulled out and turned inside out. After you extract your feet, you will then have to push the leggings back down the legs of the jeans.

    This is easier than just having two separate items? And what is with the sideways back pocket — or is it just a panel?

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