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I’m very excited to announce to you that The Jeans Blog is featured in this months March 2015 issue of Marie Claire Korea! They got in touch to interview me for their big denim issue and I couldn’t have been more excited! You can see the page from the magazine above, but of course, as it’s written in Korean, not everyone can read it, which is why I have written the whole interview below for you in English.

We discussed the latest trends in denim, the runway shows, celebrity denim icons, my thoughts on whether or not premium denim is still as popular as it was, what it means to me and much more! It’s a very in depth interview and I couldn’t have been more excited! The issue is still available to buy in Korea, so don’t forget to pick it up if you live there! Let me know what you think!

Marie Claire – Please introduce your website; ‘The Jeans Blog’ to Korean readers. Why did you start this website?

Lorna – The Jeans Blog is an online fashion blog dedicated to denim. Covering everything from exclusive interviews with denim brands, new styles, styling and denim advice, blogger inspiration and more! It was started in June 2014 so it’s still fairly new, but it’s growing at a rapid rate each month! Denim has always been my passion, so this blog is like an extension of myself. It’s a more unique take on a denim blog than the others on the internet too, I make sure that it has a special feel to it. Our readers and denim lovers can even share their own denim stories in our Denim Tales section!

Marie Claire – Why are you so obsessed with DENIM? What does DENIM mean to you? And what do you think is the most interesting issue in denim world?

Lorna – I fell in love with denim when I was around 14 years old (I’m 26 now). I can’t remember exactly what it was, but I had a pair of dark indigo rigid slim fitting jeans which I just absolutely fell in love with. Since then, I developed a crush on premium denim and haven’t looked back since! I would say that looking at a perfectly washed/dyed pair of jeans makes me excited and really happy, taking in the intricate details and falling in love with the fit, how good they make you feel and how they fit. It means everything to me and I have somehow ended up with a collection of over 400 pairs of jeans! I really do love everything about it, it’s part of me now. I’m really lucky that I have also been able to collaborate with great denim brands and try designing too!

Marie Claire – What is the biggest denim trend lately?

Lorna – It was the super soft jegging/legging denim trend last year, which I do love, but at the moment, people are tending to drift towards boyfriend jeans again and a more sturdier denim. The trends change all the time, but currently for SS15, you can expect to see a huge amount of boyfriend jeans hitting the scene! I think the cut off vintage Levi’s shorts will also make a come back, like last year.

Marie Claire – Denim is a really huge fashion trend for the Spring/Summer 2015 season! High-end fashion labels such as Chloe, Burberry Prorsum, Gucci, Roberto Cavalli etc, introduced amazing denim style! What do you think about this trend? Which style is your favorite and why?

Lorna – I loved it! The Burberry Prorsum show was one of my favourites and I was covering that show on the blog in an instant! I thought the use of dark raw denim in their looks was fantastic! You are right, on the SS15 runways there were lots of denim pieces being used, it was fantastic for someone like me who loves denim so much to see it incorporated on the catwalk! I am not sure if the pieces will do so well on regular people though as most just tend to favour jeans, but my favourite was actually from Frame Denim and Burberry! I liked the contrast of strong white from Frame and the deep intense blue from Burberry, coupled with the slim fits.

Marie Claire – Which denim brand is your favorite and why?

Lorna – That’s incredibly tough to say as I don’t have just one. My favourites are actually Paige Denim, Citizens of Humanity and AG Jeans. That’s if I’m listing only 3, others to include would be Rag & Bone, 7 For All Mankind and James Jeans, possibly Diesel too! But my 3 favourites are those because Paige is absolutely fantastic! The fit and feel of her jeans is amazing and so are the designs, not to mention she was one of the first designers I met years ago and we have kept a friendship ever since!

Citizens are fairly new to my favourites list because at the moment they have exploded with some of their most amazing jeans to date! The Rocket cut is the best form them and their new washes are just gorgeous! Finally, AG Jeans are my favourite because of their The Legging cut. The fit of those is so flattering and perfect, it enhances your body and they really know what they are doing when it comes to washes! They have some of the most stunning washes I have seen!

Marie Claire – There are lots of collaboration issues between denim labels and high end fashion labels. It is fun and interesting! What was the most memorable collaboration project lately? And why?

Lorna – This one is tough as there are many that I like, but I might say the collaboration between J Brand Christopher Kane was the most memorable one. The pieces they designed were really fun, vibrant and bold!

Marie Claire – Would you give us some styling tips for denim? What is your daily denim style?

Lorna – One of my favourite ways to wear skinny jeans is with heels and a blazer, I think it’s the most chic and classy way to dress up! If you don’t like skinny jeans, you can also dress up slim fitting boyfriend jeans this way too. My daily denim style does consist of this, but sometimes I like to layer on cardigans, long coats and flat ankle boots too!

Marie Claire – Who is your favorite icon for denim? And why?

Lorna – I’m not sure that I have a famous denim icon as such, but I would say something different and choose someone like Adriano Goldschmied or Paige Adams-Geller as my denim icons. These two have both made such an impact in the denim world, founding brands, designing and shaping the way jeans are worn. Those are my icons in denim!

Marie Claire – What kind of jeans will be the biggest trend do you think? (For instance, bell bottom jeans, mom’s jean, boyfriend fitted jeans etc…) and why?

Lorna – Boyfriend jeans and mom jeans are going to be a big trend for SS15. You can expect to see everyone wearing them with high rise styles! I think these are best for SS15 as they have looser fabric to keep you cool. For a trend in general though and not for seasons, the skinny jean will never go away, they are just so perfect in every way!

Marie Claire – Who (among celebrities) are the best denim dressers these days? And why? (in your website you feature Emma Stone, Gigi Hadid etc).

Lorna – For me personally, I think Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Heidi Klum both have amazing denim style! But then I love Jessica Alba too, she always looks fantastic. These ladies really know how to dress up their jeans and make them look timeless and stylish, even while wearing the current trends. They just look effortless!

Marie Claire – Honestly, premium denim labels are not so hot compared to a few years ago… What do you think?

Lorna – There was a time when everyone was jumping on board premium denim (just after the time I started in this industry) and they were loving True Religion, Rock & Republic, 7 For All Mankind etc and it was an explosion! Premium denim isn’t as talked about as then, as people are over the need to chat about it, and instead it’s become a part of everyday life. I would say it’s still very popular because brands like J Brand, Rag & Bone, Citizens of Humanity, Paige Denim etc are a staple when it comes to jeans now. If you want to buy a classic pair of jeans, or maybe something a little more trendy, most people look towards premium denim as they last.

Marie Claire – What is your favorite brand-new denim label lately? And why?

Lorna – My favourite brand new denim label would probably be Frame Denim. They are as classic as can be, slim designs, minimal branding, plain pockets and an amazing fit. I find them to be really flattering on the butt and legs, giving you a great shape and their denim is nice too. I prefer them to most other plain denim brands!



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    Congrats Lorna! Love reading your take on denim 🙂

    • Lorna
      March 17, 2015 / 1:02 pm

      Thank you, Elena 🙂

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