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Fidelity Denim have some exciting news! They have a brand new designer on the scene and are shaking things up! Who did they hire? The lovely Rokhsan Enanoria got the role of the new lead women’s designer. The Jeans Blog got the chance to chat to Rokhsan about her passion for denim, her plans for Fidelity, why she took the job and more! You can also see a first look at the new SS15 Fidelity Denim collection. Check out the interview below and a huge thank you to Rokhsan for chatting to us, she’s lovely! I’m really excited to see what’s going to be coming up in the near future!

The Jeans Blog – How excited are you to be on board the Fidelity Denim team?

Fidelity Denim – Extremely excited! I was a fan of theirs since seeing their collection at Coterie 3 years ago and I actually had a pair in my closet that was my “go to” jean. It’s very exciting to be a part of such a fun and innovative team.

TJB – What can we expect to see from the new collection?

FD – I only had a few novelty pieces in the Fall 1 line, so I focused on bringing on board more novelty washes and styles to the collection… What was most exciting for me, being a denim designer, was bringing on board the Anti-fits, which has always been a niche of mine. Holiday is the one that I am really excited about and it will have a lot of glitz and glam to it!


TJB – What made you want to take on this role?

FD – I interviewed with Jason (the owner) for a while. After hearing his concept, I liked the vision he had for the line, and I felt that I could really make a difference and grow the Brand. I like making a difference. I think it’s important for a designer’s soul. Otherwise, you become another robot in the crowd. Also, the fact that he is one of the very few contemporary denim brands that is privately owned brought some tangibility for me.

TJB – Do you have any plans to change things or take things in a new direction?

FD – Yes, we are making a few tweaks and fine tuning some things. I think whenever a new designer comes on board, there is a sense of change that goes along with that designer’s aesthetic. Combined with the aesthetic that Fidelity already has, I think they compliment each other well. But we will let our consumers be the judge of that!

TJB – How experienced are you with denim?

FD – That’s really all I have done in the past 15 yrs after dropping out of med school. I’m more comfortable with my knowledge in denim than anything else.


TJB – What makes you passionate about it?

FD – It reflects change and I love that. I’ve never been good at being stagnant in life. And I feel as though a pair of incredible jeans are just the same. They change with time. It’s like a Persian carpet or an expensive bottle of wine. They get more amazing as they age…

TJB – That’s how I feel! So, how many jeans do you personally own?

FD – Last time I counted was 6 months ago, and I was at 289! But I can promise you it’s gone up since then. This includes my denim library that I have in a dark box way in the back of my storage…

TJB – That’s amazing! You sound like me! What’s your favourite style you have designed for Fidelity?

FD – The Slash body. It’s one of the Anti fits that I was really excited about. I was trying to do it a year ago, but the customer I had in the past wouldn’t have understood it at that time. Fidelity’s girl is very forward and I thought it was perfect for her!

TJB – Sounds lovely! Thank you for doing this interview, Rokhsan.



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