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I am really happy to announce that The Jeans Blog is now on Instagram! I set the account up a couple of weeks ago and already there are almost 400 followers! I absolutely adore Instagram personally and I thought it was about time that The Jeans Blog got its own! It’s like an extension of this blog itself, featuring denim inspiration on a daily basis, as well as voting opportunities to choose which bloggers look best in their denim and street style features!

I’ve selected a few of my favourite denim photos from The Jeans Blog Instagram page and I would love for you to come over and follow The Jeans Blog too! It will have exclusive photos and content that you wont find here on the actual blog, so make sure you are following! Don’t forget that you can also follow us on our other popular social media channels just above to stay updated! Which photo do you love the most here? I would love to know! I can’t get enough of denim inspiration!



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