Vanessa Hudgens Wears Denim With Gucci Accessories

Vanessa Hudgens stopped to pick up some coffee at Alfred Coffee in West Hollywood, California and got pictured by the paparazzi as she made her way to run some errands.

For her outfit, Vanessa wore a pair of raw hem, straight leg, distressed jeans with a loose button up shirt and a Gucci overload of accessories. She chose the classic Gucci GG Belt, their Blind For Love monogrammed tote, and some loafers, all finished off with some red lens sunglasses. Gucci are killing it lately in the fashion game! There designs are everywhere and they’ve really taken over the industry.

I am not completely sure what these jeans are on Vanessa, but they do look really familiar to me with the fit of them and the raw hem with the distressing. I know I have seen them somewhere before, but I can’t place where. So, I’m handing it over to you fellow denim lovers to guess what jeans she is wearing! Any ideas?

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Image Credit: CPR / BACKGRID


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