Kristen Stewart Wears Levi’s Double Denim

Actress, Kristen Stewart, didn’t look too pleased to see the paparazzi as she and a friend left the ArcLight Theatre in Hollywood, California a little while ago. I wonder what movie they watched?

Kristen decided to go all out and wear a double denim outfit consisting of an oversized, vintage Levi’s Denim Jacket and a pair of mid blue skinny jeans. She finished it off with a pair of brown fluffy mules, a printed tee, and some sunglasses on her head.

The wash on these jeans is actually gorgeous! I love the fading down the front of the thighs and the whiskering detailing along the inner seams. The fit and the length is just perfect on her, so hopefully we spot Kristen in these skinny jeans a lot more!

For those of you not sure on how to wear double denim, I often recommend that you wear two different shades entirely as it’s easier to match and not too overwhelming, however if you want to wear similar shades like this, just have the confidence to wear it.

I’m not a huge fan of the Levi’s denim jacket wash paired with these jeans though as they’re slightly off from each other. I would rather go with two matching denim’s or two completely different shades. Since it’s Kristen though, she always wears what she wants and owns it, so as long as your confident, you can get away with most things. What do you think of her double denim outfit?

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Image Credit: Roger / Hollywood To You / BACKGRID


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