Chiara Ferragni Wears Levi’s x The Blonde Salad Jeans & a Chanel Denim Jacket


Fashion Blogger and celebrity in her own right, Chiara Ferragni, posed for photos on her fashion blog The Blonde Salad while wearing a gorgeous double denim outfit. Chiara chose a Chanel denim jacket, a Chanel vintage shirt, her Levi’s x The Blonde Salad collaboration jeans, some Saint Laurent shoes, and a Chanel Velvet Boy Bag, which I love! I have a burgundy one!

I love how everything in this outfit is on the pink and blue colour scheme, but the different fits and dimensions really bring it to life and make it so quirky. Chiara has a huge love for denim herself which is why she’s joined up with Levi’s to create her own line of jeans with them, so I’m not surprised she’s teaching us all how to wear double denim with this outfit. I like that everything is often vintage inspired when it comes to her denim too. Do you like Chiara Ferragni’s double denim outfit? Comment and let us know!


Image Credit: The Blonde Salad


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